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5 Examples of Real Passion Projects That Admission Officers Love

Whether you're helping the community or inventing environmental solutions, these passion projects are sure to get you noticed by admission representatives.

College Counselor and Tutor, Moon Prep

Direct Admission at Colleges: What to Know and How to Get Instantly Accepted

Direct admission is the latest movement in making college more accessible to all. If you're thinking of pursuing this option, here's what you need to know.

Freelance Writer

Our Best Advice for Counselors and Consultants to Help Their Students

Even counselors and consultants need resources and guidance sometimes! Find all our best advice to better help your students in the college search here.


6 Creative Passion Projects That Stand Out on College Applications

Personal pursuits are a great way to impress admission committees and enjoy your free time simultaneously. Here are some project ideas to consider!

CollegeXpress Student Writer

College Planning Calendar: May 2023

The school year is wrapping up soon! Help students get ready for test dates, graduation, summer, and more with our May College Planning Calendar.


How to Resolve Conflict With Your Student in the College Search

The college admission process can be contentious between parents and students. Here's how to find a balance and resolve any conflict with your teen.

Freelance Writer and College Coach

College Planning Calendar: April 2023

Happy spring! Help your students get ready for standardized tests, the end of the admission process, and more with this month’s College Planning Calendar.


6 Important Intersectional Identities to Consider in Your College Search

Your intersecting personal identities are important in the search to find a college that supports your needs and goals. Here are some factors to consider!

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

Rejected From Your Favorite Colleges? Here's What You Can Do

If you’ve read too many letters from colleges that start with “We regret to inform you,” all hope is not lost! Here’s what you can do to make a new plan.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Ithaca College

4 Great Reasons for Your Student to Consider Community College

Community college is a smart step for students and their families for many reasons. Here are three great ones to consider during the college search!

Freelance Writer and College Coach

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