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3 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Student Loan Amount

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Deciding the amount to request on a college loan application can be hard. Here are three important things for parents and students to consider before applying. read more

11 Unexpected College Costs You Should Know

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Become a Financially Savvy Student With TACOS

Student, Dallas Baptist University

I've created a little acronym to help you remember five basic steps to becoming financially savvy, and I did it using something we all love: tacos. read more

The College Financial Decision is Not "Easy Pass"

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When helping your child choose a college, finances should play a major role in your discussions. Read on for a look at the most important points to consider. read more

Finances and Your Child's Future

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In the college search, you're helping your student take his or her education--and life--to the next level. But this step doesn't come without a high cost, being one of the most important investments of one's life. read more