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Finding Your Fit as a Transfer Student

Press & Media Manager for University Relations, Arcadia University

Caitlin Burns from Arcadia U talked to five students about their decision to transfer. Read their stories and get inspired to find your best-fit college. read more

College Search Q&A: Partnership With Native Americans


Many Native students think college isn't an option for them. Learn how PWNA and the American Indian Education Fund are helping those students succeed. read more

How to Strengthen Your College Application During COVID-19

Founder & CEO, Julie Kim Consulting

Just because the pandemic has changed your plans doesn't mean you can't impress colleges with your application. Here's how to improve your apps from home! read more

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Class of 2021


We surveyed rising high school seniors and their families about topics such as choosing a college and learning remotely in 2020. See what they have to say here. read more

How the Coronavirus May Change Your College Planning

Freelance Writer

While the college search process may be a little different this year with the pandemic, with this advice, you can plan successfully and find the right school. read more

Choosing a University Based on Your Major and Minor

Founder, Campus Colors

If you have an idea of what you want to study in college, choosing the right school just got easier. Here's how to choose based on your intended major/minor! read more

5 Questions to Ask During Your Catholic College Search


As a Catholic student, you're likely figuring out how much you want your faith to factor into your college search. Here are five questions to guide you! read more

5 Ways Students Can Prepare for College Applications

College Counselor and Tutor, Moon Prep

Using this extra time you have at home to get ahead on your college applications is just smart. These five quick tips can help you prepare to apply to college! read more

Finding a College Where You Belong

Vice President of Enrollment Management, Stephens College

Finding a college that makes you feel like you belong is a long process, but it shouldn't be a scary one. Use this advice to guide you along your way! read more

Planning for College During COVID-19: Counselor Q&A

Certified Educational Planner; Co-founder & President, One-Stop College Counseling

There's a lot of uncertainty in college admission due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some answers to common student questions from an expert counselor. read more