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How I Made My Final College Decision

CollegeXpress Student Writer, The University of Alabama

If you're stuck trying to decide between two similar colleges, it's okay! Read on to see how one student finally chose where she wanted to go. read more

Finding a Public College That Fits

Former Executive Director of Admission, University of Colorado Boulder

If you've decided to attend a public college, you already know about the benefits they offer. But how do you choose the right one for you? Find out here! read more

4 Things You Shouldn't Overlook When Choosing a College

CollegeXpress Student Writer

There are so many factors to consider when making your final college decision, but these are four of the more underrated things that students shouldn't forget about. read more

5 Questions to Answer Before Becoming a College Athlete

Digital Advertising Associate, Carnegie Dartlet

You have a lot of options as a student-athlete, so how do you narrow them down? Here are five questions to ask yourself as you start the college search. read more

Spring College Planning Checklist for High School Juniors

Founder, Moon Prep

The second half of junior year is the prime time to start planning for college. Here's what you should be doing to prepare for college application season during the spring of junior year and into the summer. read more

How to Figure Out Your College Costs

Freelance Writer

From admission to fees and beyond, there's a LOT that goes into the cost of college. Here's how to research total costs when you're searching for schools. read more

5 Tips for Students Choosing Their College

Founder, Collegewise

Some lucky seniors are in the throes of deciding where to go between college acceptances. Check out these five tips to make the impossible decision easier. read more

How should I be preparing for the college search as a high school freshman?

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Do your best in all your classes so you don't close doors for yourself. You may not think you want to do something as a freshman, but that may change once you are a junior. read more

College Search Spreadsheet Template


Here it is, a college search spreadsheet template you can actually use! read more

Getting a Head Start on the College Application Process: Junior Year

CollegeXpress Student Writer

College applications can be stressful, especially if you leave all the work for your senior year. Get a jump start while you're a junior with these tips and save your sanity. read more