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How to Pursue Your TEFL Certification and Career

Interested in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language? Here’s what you should know about getting your certification, finding a job, and more.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Dollars and Devices: How to Make Tech Work on Your Student Budget

Good technology can feel out of reach for many college students. But with smart planning, you can stay on budget and get the best tech for your education.

Freelance Writer

5 Valuable Benefits to Blogging as a College Student

Creating and maintaining a blog in college has some serious personal and professional benefits. Check out all the great reasons to start writing here!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Vanderbilt University

Frustrated by FAFSA Delays? Focus on the Scholarship Search

The FAFSA may be delayed, but scholarship applications aren’t! Here's why you should be searching and applying for scholarships more than ever this year.

President and Co-founder, National Society of High School Scholars

7 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday as a Student

Your birthday is the perfect chance to do something out of the ordinary! Check out these fun ideas to celebrate your special day in high school or college.


Scholarship Saturday: February 2024

Looking for free money to pay for college? Check out this month's round-up of featured awards for Scholarship Saturday!


Creating Future Leaders: Spotlight on the Kaplan Leadership Program

The Kaplan Leadership Program helps community college students successfully transfer, earn four-year degrees, and become great leaders. Learn more here!


Excellent College Extracurriculars for Black Students and Allies

Searching for college activities that support the Black student experience? This list of clubs, organizations, and networks is just scratching the surface!

Director of Content, CollegeXpress

College Expectations: Why It's Important to Personalize Your Own Experience

Your college life doesn’t have to include the stereotypical campus experience. Everyone is different and should set their own expectations. Here’s how!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

College Students' Quick Guide to Health: Developing Good Habits

In part three of this series, get organized and on the right track to feeling better in college by managing your time and finding your ideal study style.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Elizabethtown College

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