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Your Student Is in College: A Parent's Guide to Letting Go

Associate Dean of Admissions & Transfer Coordinator, Pomona College

Letting go can be hard for some parents. Here's some advice from a college insider if you're coping with sending a student to college for the first time. read more

How to Take Charge of Your Education in Online Classes

Student, St. Edwards University

A college senior learning 100% online shares how she's using tech tools to stay connected and accountable with her peers and professors while school is remote. read more

COVID-19: Leaving College vs. Financial Obligations

Content Marketer, ValuePenguin.com

You may be considering taking a break from college due to the pandemic, but before you decide, here's a look at your options and the financial implications. read more

6 Smart Coffee Hacks for College Students

Founder, CoffeeUrban.com

Coffee is a lot of college students' best friend, but you could be getting your fix in a way that cuts costs and saves you time with these hacks. read more

5 Good Habits to Help Curb Procrastination in College


It's so easy to procrastinate in college, but you can overcome this bad habit by following these five steps. read more

How to Utilize Technology to Get Ahead of the Class

Freelance Writer

Technology can be used inside and outside the classroom to help you succeed. Here's how you can get ahead and stay ahead with reputable online resources, helpful apps, and cloud access. read more

Tips to Help Manage Your Stress in College

CollegeXpress Student Writer

College can be overwhelmingly stressful, but here are a few ways to get ahead and relieve a bit of the stress you can't avoid. read more

Passion for Leadership: How I Found My Graduate Field

CollegeXpress Student Writer, New York University

Dharini, a graduate student at New York University, found her purpose and passion for helping students when participating in a special leadership program during undergrad. Read on to learn more about her student journey and how it led her to the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs. read more

Video: Making Friends in High School vs. College


Robert debunks three myths about what it's like to make friends in college and how it's different than high school. read more

How to Start Networking: Top Tips and Tricks

Site Editor, TechTarget

Starting to network with peers and professionals can feel awkward at first. Here's some advice to get past your initial reservations and just got for it. read more