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5 Valuable Benefits to Blogging as a College Student

Creating and maintaining a blog in college has some serious personal and professional benefits. Check out all the great reasons to start writing here!

What made you click on this blog? Maybe you wanted to learn something from a student about how to make the most of your experience at school. College students are full of passion for learning, so your peers can be a great resource for your success. Have you ever shared an idea that’s been valuable to your peers during class or extracurriculars? If you have your own blog, you can help people in similar ways—people all around the world through the power of the internet! You’d be helping others, yes, but what would be in it for you? Here are five benefits to blogging as a college student that may grab your attention.

1. You’ll find like-minded people

In college, you learn to immerse yourself in an intellectually stimulating environment. You’ve probably encountered people who disagree with you or even challenge what you think. That’s what college is for—but it also helps to have your own space to express your opinions and be able to leave it at that, which can be pretty self-actualizing. A blog is one of the best formats for self-expression because you have full control over your personal voice. It’s not like an essay you might turn in for a class. Since blogs are published online, they can have local or global reach. Chances are your voice will resonate with others who have similar views, no matter what you decide to write about. Just stick with your gut and let your intellect and imagination run free. You’ll attract readers based on the interests you choose to highlight on your blog. And be sure to keep these virtual friends around; they’re the ones who will support your blog by interacting with it daily, and they might even end up being great people to network with.

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2. You’ll enhance your résumé

On your résumé and many job applications, you have the option to attach live links or portfolios to showcase relevant skills you need for the job. This is your chance to share the blog you’ve been working hard to build! No matter what your blog is about, it will give potential employers a sense of who you are, what you value, and how you think. These attributes are unique to you, so you’re bound to stand out and be memorable among other worthy candidates. Think about the skills you’re already developing in the classroom, like communication, creativity, and critical thinking. If you end up landing a job interview, it’s a great idea to mention these attractive skills and how your blog helps you cultivate them. You’ll have concrete examples of your knowledge and experiences to share with the interviewer or recruiter. Plus, people who start blogs (and maintain them) are hustlers. It’s hard work to brainstorm content and deliver it to a target audience regularly. It takes consistency, but if you’re writing because you love it, the burden doesn’t feel so heavy. Taking initiative despite potential challenges is a desirable trait for any career.

3. You can showcase your expertise

No matter what your blog is about, you’ll be able to showcase professional skills that can appeal to careers of all kinds. Have you ever thought about writing a blog related to your major or career interests? If so, it’s not a bad idea to start learning more about your chosen industry while you’re in school. By preparing yourself early, you might be able to call yourself an “expert” by the time you graduate. Ask yourself questions like: What do you think of industry trends? Do they reflect positively or negatively on the industry? How is it affecting people? What does the future of the industry look like? This can help you generate intriguing topics for your blog while giving your readers something to talk about. This is how professors generate conversation among students every day—they pull from their expertise to create discussion topics that challenge people to use what they know to discover new insights. You can do the same with your blog!

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4. It’s also a learning experience

It’s your blog, and you can write about anything you want. There are no guidelines to follow, no grades or question marks—only exclamation points! It’s your chance to explore that research topic that always intrigued you. Or maybe you just want to expand on knowledge from coursework and extracurricular activities. Blogs are like built-in portfolios; they allow you to track what you learn and reflect on your learning experiences over time without worrying about how much progress you’re making and how fast. As you learn at your own pace, you’ll start to feel accomplished knowing that you worked for something that is your own. And since it’s online, everyone will be able to see how hard you’ve worked.

It’s also important to note that when you write your blog posts, you might get valuable feedback in the comments sections. As with any college assignment, you have to learn from your mistakes. Maybe you need to clarify your ideas or refine your writing style a bit more to get your points across. The best teacher is experienced, and once you get in the habit of writing regularly, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. But no pressure—like I said, it’s your blog, and you can learn at your own pace.

5. You could earn some money

As a college student, what better incentive is there to start a blog than to get paid for it? Through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or selling/promoting products and services, you can make passive income from your blog that could help fund your living expenses, pay for textbooks, and kick-start your life post-graduation. Writing is more lucrative than most people think. Even if you’re not actively publishing content, a successfully monetized blog can generate income long-term. And if you don’t end up building a huge audience, the practical skills you learn as a blogger can still lead to a profitable career. Content creation can help you foster skills for careers in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In short, the blog you start from scratch (from the comfort of your own dorm room!) can create rewarding opportunities in the world of online business.

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The first step to creating a blog isn’t choosing what you want to write about—it’s deciding that you’re actually going to commit to it. This list of benefits isn’t exhaustive; it’s extensive. With passion and hard work, you can become a better writer, make a little money, and take your voice from the classroom to the world.

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About Savannah Harris

Savannah Harris

Savannah Harris is an excellent student at Vanderbilt University (’26) in Nashville, Tennessee. Her interests lie in mental health, psychology, social justice, and much more. Outside of school, she likes spending time with her loved ones and binge-watching her favorite TV shows. What occupies most of her time, though, is her pursuit of a career in freelance and creative writing. With a lifetime goal to create and inspire people, Savannah prides herself on writing that’s persuasive, informative, and entertaining all at once. She genuinely enjoys writing for others just as much as she does for herself.


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