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Creative College and Career Prep Ideas for Students

Founder and Lead Counselor, NEPA Career and College Counseling Associates

Keeping your students engaged and focused on college and career prep can be hard. Here are some creative event ideas from a fellow counselor to help you. read more

COVID-19's Impact on Student Visas and Scholarships

Career Counselor, KCR Consultants

As the pandemic continues, let's take a look at how it's affecting student visas and scholarships for students looking to study outside their home countries. read more

How Colleges Are Helping Students Meet Basic Needs

Freelance Writer

Many students have faced exacerbated hardships since the pandemic began. Here's how colleges are helping with food and housing and where you can find resources. read more

How Do Colleges and Universities Track Student Interest?


How does a school know you're interested in them? You have to demonstrate your interest, and our experts know exactly how you can do that. Find out now! read more

Great Opportunities for Students to Volunteer Online


Your volunteering efforts don't have to be put on hold during the pandemic. Check out these ways you can create a real-life impact through online action. read more

5 Tips for Focusing and Note-Taking in Online Classes

Site Editor, TechTarget

Online learning is now a huge part of many high school and college students' lives. Take better notes in your remote classes and stay focused with these tips! read more

How to Make Online Learning Work Better for You

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Still not getting the hang of remote classes? These three tips could help you make the most of your learning online routine. Check them out! read more

Pros and Cons of Graduate School During COVID-19

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Oklahoma City University

COVID-19 has made it difficult for many students to make big decisions about their future. Here's a look at the pros and cons of attending grad school right now. read more

What Changes Could Be Coming for Your Student Loans?

VP of Content, FinanceBuzz

Student loan changes being discussed in Washington could have major implications for borrowers. Find out more about President Biden's plans now. read more

COVID-19: Leaving College vs. Financial Obligations

Content Marketer, ValuePenguin.com

You may be considering taking a break from college due to the pandemic, but before you decide, here's a look at your options and the financial implications. read more