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Why College Diversity Matters To Me

Student, iSchool High

One high school junior shares what diversity means to her now...and what it means to her future in college. read more

First in Your Family to Go to College? You Are Not Alone!

Student, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Being the first in your family to apply to college can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? read more

3 Ways to Manage Stress During Your College Search

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Are your college plans looming over you? Here are some ways to manage your stress. read more

Surviving Your College Search: A 5-Step Plan

CollegeXpress Student Writer

In the college search, everyone says "the world is your oyster!" But what do you do when the oyster feels more like a blue whale? read more

What Do American Universities Want? Your Complete Guide to the U.S. College Search and Application Process

by and
Dean of International Student Services and Enrollment; Staff Writer, Northeastern University

How do you sort through all of your U.S. university options? How do you figure out what is required? And what do these schools really want to see on your application? Here's what you need to know. read more

The College Search: An Open-Book Exam

Dean of Admissions, Bucknell University

The college search is like an open-book exam, and there are only five questions on it. Find out what they are now! read more

Women's Colleges: Debunking The Myths

Directors, Collegewise

Less than 5% of high school-aged women even consider applying to women's colleges. Why is that? Let's debunk some common myths and get those numbers up! read more

Your College Search: When and How to Start

Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Stonehill College

Do you feel lost when trying to begin your college search? You're not alone. Find out more about when and how to start your search process now. read more

Why Public?

Vice President for Enrollment Managemen, The University of Texas at Dallas.

Do you want the ultimate college experience at an affordable cost? A wide variety of classes, organizations, and clubs to choose from? A huge stadium with hundreds of other fans? If this sounds ideal, then a public college or university might be the perfect fit for you! read more

Finances and Your Child's Future

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist

In the college search, you're helping your student take his or her education--and life--to the next level. But this step doesn't come without a high cost, being one of the most important investments of one's life. read more