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How You Could Go to College for Free on a Big Company's Dime

College is expensive, there's no doubt. But with some smart planning and research, you could work for an employer that'll pay for it for you. Here’s how!

College Admission Consultant

Top 10 Facts About Scholarships You Need to Know

There’s a lot you should know about scholarships before you start applying for them. Let's start with these 10 facts you may not have known before now.

Editor, CollegeXpress

3 Important Questions to Ask About Aid Award Letters

Financial aid award letters are a relief to receive and confusing to understand. Here are three important questions you should ask before accepting your aid.

Freelance Writer and College Coach

5 Simple Reasons to Start Your Scholarship Search Early

Starting the scholarship search early is your best chance for minimum stress and maximum rewards. Here are five reasons why starting now is a good choice!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Anderson University

10 Fun Scholarships to Apply to for Halloween Vibes All Year Round

It's spooky season once again! How about this Halloween, you trick or treat for scholarships instead of candy? Here are some spooky scholarships to look into.

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

5 Little-Known Secrets to Getting More Gift Aid for College

Though tuition is increasing each year, there are ways you can obtain funds to afford it. These five tricks could help you get more free money for college!

Financial Aid Start-Up

Why the Scholarship Search Matters, Plus Quick Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants scholarships, but not everyone knows you can win them for almost anything! Read on to see how your talents can help you pay for college.

CollegeXpress Student Writer