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10 Fun Scholarships to Apply to for Halloween Vibes All Year Round

It's spooky season once again! How about this Halloween, you trick or treat for scholarships instead of candy? Here are some spooky scholarships to look into.

You’re at that age, right? You know—that age where you’ve put trick-or-treating far behind you. But a sack full of candy is still really appealing, isn’t it? How about we make a tradition where you get a sack full of money for Halloween instead? Okay, maybe that’s a little much, but you can still get money in the spirit of Halloween by applying for these spooky and eclectic scholarships throughout the year.

1. If you know the end is coming and you need to be prepared

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
Amount awarded: $2,000 to one recipient
Deadline: October 31 each year

Have you already thought of how you’re going to survive in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world? Well, you could win money for that. Each year, Unigo awards one recipient with the best plan on how to avoid zombies, where to hide, and the top five essential things to carry for survival. Get planning, survivors!

2. If not all puppets look evil to you

UNIMA Grants and Scholarships
UNIMA-USA (Union Internationale De La Marionnette)
Amount awarded: $1,000 to one recipient
Deadline: December 1 each year

One of the first things we probably all imagine when we think of puppets is a creepy ventriloquist dummy. But there is a wide, beautiful world of artistic puppetry out there with the likes of Sesame Street, The Muppets, and the Dragon from Shrek the Musical. Explore this creative hobby with a scholarship that will send you to another country for a workshop in puppetry.

3. If you hate slasher movies wasting blood

Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program
American Red Cross
Amount awarded: $1,000 (four winners), $1,500 (one winner), $2,500 (one winner)
Timeframe: December 15–January 15 and June 1–August 31 each year

If you love doing good, try hosting a blood drive through the American Red Cross. Drives held through the scholarship program during the dates above will award you with a $50–$100 gift card depending on how many pints of blood you collect, plus the chance to win a $1,000–$2,500 scholarship, also depending on the amount of blood collected. 

4. If you want to write the next Frankenstein

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship
 The Horror Writers Association
Amount awarded: $2,500 to one recipient
Deadline: Beginning of August each year

This scholarship acts as a complementary award to the HWA Scholarship. The application process and requirements are the same, but the association wants to promote and support female writers in the genre by allotting a separate award for women only. Ladies, get spooky!

5. If you're more into the macabre like Edgar Allen Poe

Dark Poetry Scholarship
 The Horror Writers Association
Amount awarded: $1,250 to one recipient
Deadline: Beginning of August each year

Traditional prose not your style? Well, there’s a horror scholarship for poetry writers too! Let your heart bleed out on the page and submit your dark/horror poetry samples (of which you can provide up to four) along with the other regular requirements. 

6. If you want to face death head on

ABFSE National Scholarship Program
 The American Board of Funeral Service Education
Amount awarded: $1,500–$2,500 to multiple recipients
Deadline: March 1 and September 1 each year

Some people fear death above all else in life, while some people have a fascination and appreciation for the circle of life—death being a part of it. If you’re majoring or planning to study Funeral Service and/or Mortuary Science, take advantage of this scholarship. Not many things in life are certain except for death and taxes—money for your education should be too!

7. If you’re really into ghost hunting

US Ghost Adventures Scholarship
Sponsor: US Ghost Adventures
Amount: $2,000
Deadlines: December 31 and July 31 each year

Did you know colleges and universities are common places where people report having paranormal experiences? (We have the stories to prove it!) Well, this organization wants to make the price of school a little less scary for you by offering this scholarship. If you’re really interested in ghosts and love hearing others' paranormal stories, you can share your own work of fiction or nonfiction for a chance to win this spooky award, which is offered twice a year.

8. If you think Halloween greeting cards should be a thing

Create-a-Greeting-Card Scholarship
The Gallery Collection
Amount awarded:
$10,000 to one recipient
March 1, 2024

This may be one of the cooler scholarships on this list because there isn’t an essay requirement—plus, you get to be creative. Applicants must submit original photography, artwork, or computer graphics for a greeting card, and the finalists are decided by public votes. You’ll stand out with a Halloween-themed card because it’s not as common as birthdays, Christmas, or other Hallmark holidays. 

9. If you have a major sweet tooth

AACT’s John Kitt Memorial Scholarship
 The American Association of Candy Technologists
Amount awarded: $5,000 to one recipient 
Deadline: Early summer each year

“There’s a scholarship about candy?” you ask? There certainly is. This scholarship is awarded to anyone who has a demonstrated interest in confectionary technology and is majoring in a related field, like Food Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science, etc. Give in to that sweet tooth and check it out! 

10. If you love CollegeXpress

CollegeXpress October Scholarships
Sponsor: CollegeXpress
Amount awarded: Varies
Deadline: October 31 each year

New and existing CollegeXpress users are eligible for a new easy scholarship contest every month in the Featured Scholarships section of You’ll find a scholarship with a spooky theme every October—including this year, where we're asking students to weigh in on the great debate: Is candy corn tasty or trash? To enter, just complete your free CX registration (or log back in) and answer the question in one sentence. 

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We hope these spooky scholarships help you fund your education and pursue your unique passions and interests. Be sure to do further research on each one before applying to ensure you qualify and complete the application properly.

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