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Are there situations where it's appropriate for young people to "splurge"?


Yes, I think the best "splurge" young adults can make is on travel and experiences... read more

If You Are Lucky Enough to Be in College, Be Excited and Feel Proud

Professor, Seton Hall University Law School

When it comes to enjoying your college years, Paula Franzese wrote the book! She shares an excerpt from her new book, A Short and Happy Guide to Being a College Student. read more

Advice for Students Starting College: Study

Author, Higher Education Expert

What does it take to be successful and happy in college (and long after)? The answer might be more straightforward than you think: study. Study more often and more efficiently than you thought possible. Author, education expert, and President Emeritus at Harvard Derek Bok explains why. read more

Hate Your Summer Job? Don't Get Hot Around the Collar!

CEO/Founder, theONswitch; Author

As tempted as you may be to bail on that crummy summer job, take a deep breath and think through your decision. Like poison ivy, rash decisions can leave scars and even have an impact on your future employment options. read more

Transfer Does Not Mean Failure

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist

This series of blog posts I wanted to call Zen and the Art of Transferring, but I have a feeling nobody would read it. It is around this time in the semester when students, especially freshmen, are realizing that the colleges they chose might not be right for them. Don't panic. read more