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How I Find Scholarships: Real Student Stories and Advice

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CollegeXpress Student Writers

Students share their hard-earned advice for finding and winning college scholarships. read more

The Best Scholarship Search Sites, Books, and More

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Do you want to win a college scholarship? Lucky for you, there are literally billions of dollars in awards out there...and plenty of resources to help you find them. read more

Scholarships 101: Getting Free Money for College

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Think free money for college is just a crazy, faraway dream? Think again. You can make winning them a reality. This introduction to the scholarship search will set you up for success. read more

How to Find Scholarships

Student, Greencastle High School

You already know scholarships are basically the best thing in the history of forever. The real question is how to find and win them. read more

How to Turn Your Hobbies Into Scholarships

Student, Orting High School

Where there are hobbies there are scholarships! But how do you find them? Let's break down the process. read more

Can I get scholarships or merit awards as a transfer student?


Merit-based scholarships, including Phi Theta Kappa awards, are sometimes offered to incoming transfer students based on strong academic credentials. Check the websites of the colleges you're considering to see their policies on scholarships. read more