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The Value of an Independent Educational Consultant

CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association

Are you considering hiring an independent consultant to help your child through the college admission process? Here are the questions you need to ask--and the red flags to watch for. read more

Tom Kleese, Founder and College Planning Guru, OnCampus College Planning


Tom Kleese is the founder of OnCampus College Planning. He has six years of experience in college planning and has a background in both high school and college teaching. read more

Why an Independent Educational Consultant Might Benefit Your Child

by and

Requirements, expectations, and interactions have changed a great deal since you were a student, and the combination of understanding how important the college admission process is, while not quite knowing how to help your child achieve their goals, can make watching your child apply for school stressful! Here's how an IEC can help. read more

Jean Marie Buckley, President and Educational Counselor at Buckley Education Group, Inc.


Jean Marie Buckley is an educational counselor and the president of Buckley Education Group, Inc. She has 30 years of experience as a college counselor. read more

Independent Consultants: Preserving Your Reputation in an Age of Greed

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

An independent consultant allegedly swindled a family out of $2 million. What can you do to preserve the industry's reputation? read more