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4 Ways to Stand Out as an International Applicant

CollegeXpress Student Writer

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3 Essential Tips for IELTS Success

Test Prep Expert, Magoosh

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Exploring a College's Cultural Fit

Director of University Marketing, Enrollment Management, St. Thomas University

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Scholarships for International Students (Undergrad and Grad!)

Freelance Writer

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The Ultimate Guide to US Financial Aid for International Students

Associate Vice President for Global Enrollment and Engagement, Gannon University

For international students wondering about US financial aid, wonder no further. A university insider explains. (Updated July 2017!) read more

Experiencing the 2016 US Presidential Election From Abroad

Student, Occidental College

Naomi was studying abroad in Japan on November 8, 2016, so she had to watch the election results unfold from afar--while surrounded by people who couldn't really understand what she was going through. This is what it was like. read more

My Life in the United States: Stories From International Students


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The Complete Guide to US Financial Aid for International Students

Freelance Writer

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Where Should I Sit? An International Student's Story

Student, St. John's University

A student from Colombia shares her journey coming to the United States and her quest for racial tolerance throughout high school and college. read more

How to Study for the SAT or ACT and the TOEFL at the Same Time

TOEFL and SAT Expert, Magoosh

The SAT. The ACT. AP tests. And the TOEFL too? International students have a lot to juggle, but the test prep pros at Magoosh have your back. read more