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Top College Search Tips for Students With Learning Disabilities

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The right opportunity can go a long way for students with learning disabilities. Here are some tips to start a strong college search. read more

Working with Unique Types of Students: Webinars for Counselors and Consultants


Certain students present unique challenges for counselors and consultants. Luckily, GuidedPath has your back with their upcoming series of informative webinars. read more

College Search and Scholarship Resources for Students With Learning Disabilities


Here you'll find scholarships, helpful advice, and lists of schools just for LD students and their families navigating the college search and application process. read more

10 Tips to Defy Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities

CEO, Founder, Dianis Educational Systems, LLC

Getting through high school and college with a learning disability is challenging. Here, someone who's been in your shoes offers her tips and tricks for overcoming your obstacles and achieving your goals. read more

5 Keys to Unlocking a Successful School Year

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The team at New Frontiers in Learning offers some advice to help the parents of students with learning differences prepare their children for a successful school year. read more

Should I disclose my learning disability on my college applications?


This is a sensitive topic for students who don't want to hurt their chances of admission, and don't want to be pinned with a label. The bottom line: the choice is yours to make. read more

The College Internship Program, a Resource for LD Students

Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

The College Internship Program (CIP) strives for success--and internships, as they are commonly known, are just the beginning. CIP provides young adults with Asperger's, ADHD, Nonverbal, and other learning differences with the social, academic, career, and life skill instruction needed to prepare for a successful and happy life. read more

What kinds of college search resources are there for LD students?

Associate Director, Educational Directions, Inc.

Most college/admission guidebooks, general college search sites, and individual college websites and publications can be sources of information. read more