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Autism and the Transition to College

Psychologist and Founder, Top College Consultants

Students with learning differences face additional challenges in the college search and readiness process. Here's how they can ensure a smooth transition. read more

Should I Disclose My Learning Disability on College Apps?

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Disclosing your learning disability to colleges can be a hard step to take when you don't want to be defined by it. Here's why experts say it's a good idea. read more

How Can I Measure College Support for LD Students?

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Students with learning disabilities should know what support a college provides before making a final decision. Our experts have some quick advice! read more

Understanding Learning Differences and What Services Colleges Offer

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For parents of children with learning disabilities, here's what you should know about services colleges provide and what your student needs for individual support. read more

Infographic: College Accommodations for Learning Disabilities

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All students have the opportunity to be successful in college; some just need a little extra help. Here's a list of the most common accommodations you should ask for as an LD student. read more

Top College Search Tips for Students With Learning Differences

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The right opportunity can go a long way for students with learning differences. Here are some tips to start off strong in your college search. read more

College Bound: What Every Student with Learning Differences Needs to Know

Director, New Frontiers in Learning

During this time of year, high school juniors and seniors are hard at work preparing for college entrance exams, writing the perfect admission essay, touring colleges, and eagerly awaiting decision letters from their institutions of choice. While this can be an exciting yet stressful time for all students, students with learning differences have another level of factors they need to take into consideration when choosing the right college. read more

The College Internship Program, a Resource for LD Students

Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

The College Internship Program (CIP) strives for success--and internships, as they are commonly known, are just the beginning. CIP provides young adults with Asperger's, ADHD, Nonverbal, and other learning differences with the social, academic, career, and life skill instruction needed to prepare for a successful and happy life. read more