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Mentors: Why They Rock and Where to Find Them

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Texas A&M University, College Station

Mentors are fundamental to your success in college and beyond. Here are a few key factors that make a great mentor, plus tips on how to find one! read more

How Do You Pick a Grad School Advisor?

Freelance Writer

Of all the people you'll interact with in grad school, few are as important as your advisor. Finding the right person for the role is key. read more

Find a Mentor to Boost Your Grad School Success

Freelance Writer

Do you want to know a secret to making grad school successful? Find a mentor who will show you the ropes. read more

How to Be an Amazing Mentee

Authors, Public Relations Professionals

In order to make the most of these relationships, consider the following tips for being an amazing mentee, and, as a result, maximizing your mentoring experiences. read more

The Top 10 Ways You Can Help Your Students Stand Out to Colleges

Founder and President, College Bound Mentor, LLC

The interactions that teachers, club advisors, coaches, guidance counselors, and school administrators have with students can have remarkable, lasting impact on students and help shape their life philosophy and sense of self. read more

Finding an Undergraduate School of Business That Works for You

Dean, Mercy College School of Business

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in business, you will find a wide variety of programs available. However, there are a few essential guideposts that will help identify which school of will provide you with the optimal path to success. read more

The Importance of Mentors in Athletics

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

Having someone on your side, teaching you the ropes, giving you the hard truth, and pushing you to your limits because they know you can do it when you don't think you can--that is the epitome of a great mentor. read more

Mentor Youth Now

Founder, Create Now

Half of the U.S. youth population (17.6 million kids) is considered "at-risk" of getting into trouble with the law, or "high-risk" and already in trouble. One solution that has been proven to work is mentoring. read more