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Important Study Tips for Online Nursing Students

Nursing programs are already difficult, let alone completing a Nursing degree online. Here are some helpful tips to make your studies easier!

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3 College Challenges You May Face as COVID Continues

Starting college is stressful for any student, but being a freshman during a pandemic means there are new challenges to overcome. Here's how you can prepare.

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How to Improve Your Learning With Online Video Lectures

Video lectures can be a big game changer in your online learning and general academic success if you let them be. Here's why.

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How to Make Online Learning Work Better for You

Still not getting the hang of remote classes? These three tips could help you make the most of your learning online routine. Check them out!

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Pandemic Problems: Resources to Share With Students

The pandemic hasn't been easy on counselors or students. Here's a comprehensive list of resources to combat the struggles you and your students are facing.


How to Create an Effective Distance Learning Routine

The key to distance learning in a COVID-19 world is having a routine. Here's some advice on creating a well-balanced remote learning routine this semester.

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Back to School: A COVID-19 Education in 2020

Back-to-school is hectic in the best of times, but during a pandemic, it's downright stressful. Here's what the semester is looking like for college students.

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The Best Scholarships to Apply for as an Online Student

There are a lot of scholarships out there for all types of students. Here are some great opportunities to start winning money for your online education.

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Free Courses for Students to Take During the Pandemic

The coronavirus shouldn't stop you from finding ways to improve yourself and your college applications. Check out these free online courses to boost your skills!

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College Flexibility and COVID-19: Expert Q&A

Parents are concerned with how the coronavirus is going to affect their students' futures. We've got advice from an expert consultant to help ease your stress!

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