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5 Tips for Focusing and Notetaking in Online Classes

Online learning is now a huge part of many students' lives. Take better notes in your remote classes and stay focused with these helpful tips!

Online education has been growing as a learning option for years. From online higher education options to remote public schooling for K-12, web-based learning programs have existed in many forms. But remote learning became a bit more commonplace in the last year (in case you hadn’t noticed). While students have long-since returned to in-person learning, the flexibility of remote education is unmatched for some with certain lifestyles and career goals. If you're sticking to this useful mode of learning, here are some ways to improve your rentention.

1. Limit your distractions

We’re all guilty of thinking we can multitask. And sometimes we can, but often it’s best that we don’t. One of the best ways to focus while you’re learning at home is to remove your distractions. If you’re in a Zoom class, use full-screen mode and close any other windows you have open. If you have a dual-monitor setup, don’t pull up anything on your other screen except relevant course materials or whatever app you’re using to take notes. You can also put your phone on “do not disturb” mode and place it face down on your desk or put it in a different room. If you can’t see or hear it, it’s like it’s not even there. And if you have a smartwatch, make sure it’s on “do not disturb” too—otherwise you might still get those notifications.

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2. Establish your workspace

Not only is it important to reduce digital distractions, but it’s also crucial to remove environmental distractions. While it may not be possible to remove them completely, there are ways to reduce environmental effects to improve your focus. For example, if you’re sitting down for classes in a bedroom, put your back to the bed. Also, make sure it’s made and pile on the pillows or stuffed animals. Take it from someone who loves to sleep: make your bed as uninviting as possible. Otherwise, while your teacher is talking about factorials, you’ll be concentrating on nap-torials.

If you’re taking your classes in a more centralized location in your home, such as the kitchen or a living room, it’s a bit more difficult to reduce distractions. Headphones are a great way to cancel out unwanted noise. You also want to turn away from distractions such as windows looking out on a busy street, the television, or the refrigerator. It’s hard to focus on online classes when you’re thinking about lunch!

3. Try hand-writing your notes

I know what you’re thinking: “Really, grandma? Who uses notebooks anymore?” Studies have actually proven a positive correlation between handwriting notes and memory. Putting pen to paper is a different sensory experience than typing on a keyboard, and that can help you remember what you wrote better than taking notes on a computer. It also gives you more creative freedom in taking notes, like following the Cornell notetaking method or drawing pictures to retain information—basically, anything you could do instead of bullet points in Word or Google Docs. Handwritten notes also allow you to keep your focus on the class video. If you use a notebook, you don’t have to find a way to balance screen space between Zoom or Google Classroom and whatever you’re using to take naps—I mean, classes.

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4. Plan ahead for class

You know what time your class is, so make sure you’re ready to go. Charge your laptop or tablet, or set up your space near an outlet. Have a fresh cup of coffee or a full bottle of water—it’s optional to drink the coffee, but water is essential. Eat a balanced breakfast in the morning or have a quick snack before your afternoon class. And make sure you get to the bathroom just before or just after class. (Guaranteed, the line is shorter at home than it would be at school.)

5. Dress the part

What you wear when you’re taking online classes can absolutely affect your ability to focus. Now, I’m not saying put on your school uniform or get up early to do your full hair and makeup. But make sure you’re not too comfortable. While it’s tempting to wear your pajamas to class, separating your relaxing-at-home clothes and going-to-school clothes can help keep you focused in online classes because you’ll feel more ready for your day. You can still wear leggings or sweatpants…just have class-time leggings and after-school leggings instead.

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There are a lot of simple and effective tips you can utilize to help you focus in online classes—and after the major shift that the pandemic caused in online education, effective online learning is more accessible than ever. However you’re conducting your online education, be sure to keep in touch with your teachers, counselors, and advisors because they’re the people who can help you finish the year strong.

To find more ways to maximize your independent learning, check out our article How to Make Online Learning Work Better for You.

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