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What Should My College Admission Art Portfolio Include?

Many art students often worry over what they should include in their admission portfolio. Here's some quick and straightforward expert advice to help.


How Competitive Are Most Art School Programs?

It seems like there's a healthy dose of competition for admission to most art schools. But just how competitive are they? One experts weighs in.


What Should I Do to Prepare for My College Admission Performance Audition?

Performing arts school admission auditions are high pressure. Here's some quick advice for how to prepare and what to expect from one of our experts.


Dance and Art Therapy

Recreational therapy, including specialties in dance and art, may be the ideal way to combine a love of dance, art, or music with the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.


Music Therapy

"Music is a complex form of expression which defines us as human. It opens us to vivid images, moves us to tears, speeds up our heartbeats, and transports us to other places and times."

Director of Music Therapy, Marywood University