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5 Reasons to Specialize in Medication Therapy Management


If you're interested in becoming a pharmacist, specializing in medication therapy management could help you focus more closely on patient care, as this infographic explains. read more

Health and Medicine Majors and Potential Jobs

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The need for trained and qualified health care professionals today is crucial. From dentists to doctors to the other side of the spectrum of athletic trainers and physical therapists, spots are waiting to be filled. If you aspire to be the next Gregory House, take a look at these careers in health and medicine. read more

Could Pharmacy Be Right for You?

Senior Vice President, Professional Practice and Pharmacy Policy, OptumRx

Over the last 25 years, pharmacy has evolved as a dynamic field that provides a broad range of health-related services and is practiced in a wide variety of settings. Truly, the opportunities are nearly limitless. read more

Pharmacy Careers: A Prescription for Success

Associate Professor, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

One of the most trusted and accessible health care professionals, pharmacists are the medication experts. But few understand the educational background and diverse opportunities available in pharmacy, or how the profession is evolving in many exciting ways. read more