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What Are the Benefits to Majoring in Pharmacy in College?

Pharmaceuticals are a major part of our lives! If you're considering pursuing this path, our experts are sharing the benefits of this respected career.

CX experts generic imageJohn Jones
Senior Vice President, Professional Practice & Pharmacy Policy

Pharmacy has evolved into a dynamic field that provides a broad range of health-related services and is practiced in a wide variety of settings. The opportunities are nearly limitless. If you’re wondering about a career in pharmacy, it may help to ask yourself some key questions about the things you like to do and your personal goals. For example, are you interested in science and math? Do you enjoy working with other people? Are you a good communicator? Are you looking to do something meaningful? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then pharmacy could be the perfect career for you. Here are a few reasons to consider this profession:

  • It’s exciting! Pharmacy combines science, health care, computer technology, business, math, and counseling. If you’re looking for adventure, you might be surprised to learn that pharmacists are often out in the field, offering services during natural disasters, epidemics, and other crises.
  • Pharmacists are trusted professionals. They consistently rank as some of the most highly trusted professionals because of the important health care services they provide. If friends and/or family members frequently turn to you for advice, Pharmacy may be a great field for you to explore.
  • There’s room to grow. There’s a need for pharmacists in a wide variety of work settings: community pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, convenience stores, mail-order pharmacy centers, managed care organizations, and government agencies. What’s more, those with advanced pharmacy training can often move easily between these areas.
  • Pharmacy offers excellent earning potential and job security. Pharmacy is one of the most financially rewarding careers. The median expected salary for a pharmacist in the United States is over $110,000 per year. Pharmacists are also always in high demand, even in times of economic downturns, political reform, and natural disasters, so there’s a relatively high level of job security.

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