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The Underappreciated Benefits of College Bridge Programs

Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University

Were you invited to join a college's bridge program? It may feel a little different than a normal acceptance, but there are several benefits that all lead to the same college degree in four years. Read on to learn more about "bridging" and if it may be the right path for you. read more

Rejection Hurts: How to React When You Don't Get the Job

President, Shimmering Resumes

Setbacks are an inevitable part of the human condition; the job market is certainly rife with them. But there are good--and bad--ways to deal. read more

What to Do When You Don't Get Accepted to Your Top-Choice School

Varsity Tutors Contributing Writer

In a perfect world, your college search will end with a big, fat envelope, signaling you've been accepted to your top school. But what if you don't get in? What next? read more

Guest Post: When the Grinch Steals Your College Application

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College counselors Peggy Stacy and Gail Meyer offer their advice to parents and students juggling college admission and holiday stress. read more

Ivy League Alternatives: Students Can Reach for the Stars with their Feet on the Ground

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

In the course of your career as a college counselor, you have no doubt encountered ambitious students with their sights set exclusively on attending Ivy League universities. As you know, these desirable eight schools are notoriously exclusive, to the extent that even highly qualified applicants are routinely denied admission. read more

What are some common misconceptions students have about the college admission process?

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That they cannot control the outcome. They need to put their best foot forward but also realize that being rejected does not mean they failed. read more