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Money Management: The Best Budgeting Templates for Students

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Going to college means a lot of new experiences...and a lot of new responsibilities, including budgeting. Here are some templates to help make managing money easier. read more

Student Loan Refinancing: What's It All About?

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Dartlet

Student loans can be overwhelming. At some point post-grad, you may consider refinancing those loans to ease that burden. Here's a guide to what all that means. read more

What's the difference between federal and private education loans?


While both options lend you money to help cover college costs, there are some significant differences between federal and private loans you need to know. read more

Don't Fret the Debt: 5 Ways to Conquer Student Loans

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If the future of your wallet feels doomed by student loan debt, these five tips may interest you (without the interest charge). read more

Everything You Need to Know About Taking on Student Loans

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Gain a better understanding of student loans and everything you should know before borrowing money for college. read more

Paying for Grad School: Plan Ahead to Get Ahead

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Almost 12% of college graduates default on their student loans within three years of graduating (NCES, 2016). Don't fall into this trap. Start by looking at your current situation and how it fits into your (fiscally responsible) grad school plans. read more

6 Financial Aid Mistakes That Will Super-Size Your Student Loan Debt

Director, University of Missouri Office of Student Financial Aid

Avoid these pitfalls so you don't over-spend and over-borrow on your college education. read more

Financial Aid Horror Stories: Don't Make These Scary College Money Mistakes!

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If you don't pay close attention to the financial aid process, you can lose out on college dollars--and that can make anyone scream. read more

College Loans: Why You Need to Look Before You Leap

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With great loan comes great responsibility. read more

What's the Difference Between Scholarships, Grants, and Loans?

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High School Students

College scholarships, grants, and loans: what are they all about, and which ones should you use? We broke them down for you. read more