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Beyond the Textbook: 4 Places to Look for Modern Academic Resources

Diversifying your academic sources is key to enhancing your learning. Put down your textbook and supplement your studies with these digital resources.

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An Honest Mental Health Review and Student Resources for Success

We surveyed 600+ students about mental health and their access to assistance at school. Here's an infographic of what we found, plus resources to share.


Creating Future Leaders: Spotlight on the Kaplan Leadership Program

The Kaplan Leadership Program helps community college students successfully transfer, earn four-year degrees, and become great leaders. Learn more here!


Excellent College Extracurriculars for Black Students and Allies

Searching for college activities that support the Black student experience? This list of clubs, organizations, and networks is just scratching the surface!

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Mental Health and Discrimination: Facts, Resources, and Advice for Students

Connections between mental health, discrimination, and college students cannot be denied. Learn how you can find support and promote inclusivity on campus.

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An Important Guide to Student Safety and Support on Campus

College campuses can be more dangerous than students want to believe. Have a great college experience and stay safe in your community with these tips.

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How to Find Community, Safety, and Support as an LGBTQ+ College Student

If you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally looking for welcoming schools, here's how and where you can find supportive college campuses.

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Why TRIO Programs Are Important for Student Growth and Success

TRIO programs help students from underserved backgrounds succeed in college and beyond. Here's what to know about the programs students could join.

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3 Benefits of Tutoring, Plus Tips to Make the Most of It

Tutoring is beneficial for both the person learning and the person teaching. Here are just some of those benefits, plus tips for making the most of your time.

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Important College Admission Terms: Schools, People, Applications, and Deadlines

College admission can get confusing with so many school types, applications, deadlines, and faculty members to keep track of. This handy glossary can help!

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