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6 Common Misconceptions About US Colleges and Universities

US higher education is world-renowned and international students come to America for school every year, but there are some misconceptions that need debunking.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, India

International University Search: How to Find the Most Aid

Many international students want to attend university in the US, but money may be an obstacle. Learn about schools that offer generous financial aid here!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Chile

COVID-19's Impact on Student Visas and Scholarships

As the pandemic continues, let's take a look at how it's affecting student visas and scholarships for students looking to study outside their home countries.

Career Counselor, KCR Consultants

The Quick, Essential Packing List for Studying Abroad

You're in for a wild study abroad adventure, but first you have to finish (read: start) packing. Here's a quick outline to help you out!

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7 Scholarships to Help You Study Abroad

Studying abroad is expensive, but you can prepare for your program by finding free money to help pay for it with these great scholarship opportunities.

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Video: Going to College in a Different Country

Want to know what it's like to attend college in another country? Watch student vlogger Jordan-Paige's video to learn more about her experiences abroad.


Financial Tips for Disadvantaged International Students

University can be expensive for international students in the US. Here's how economically disadvantaged students can pay for their education.

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How COVID-19 Is Affecting International Students

The coronavirus is affecting international students even more so than higher education students in their own countries. Here's what they're facing this fall.

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7 Key Things to Know About Studying in Europe

Study abroad isn't all fun and games like in the movies. If you dream of studying in Europe, make sure you're prepared for the real experience with this advice.

Content Associate, EU Business School

The Effects of COVID-19 on Study Abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic has majorly affected future and current study abroad students. Read on to learn more about what to do if you're either one!

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

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