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Do the ACT or SAT Have a Future in College Admission?

Do standardized tests have a future in college admission? Learn why many schools are shifting away from this requirement and what they'll look for instead.

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What Is More Important: Your GPA or SAT Scores?

Knowing how all your college application info is weighed into the admission decision is important, but which is more important: your GPA or your SAT scores?

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10 SAT Score Improvement Tips

The SAT is challenging, so don't feel bad if the test didn't go well the first time. Improve your SAT test scores for your retake with these top tips!

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What Should You Do if You Have a Low SAT or ACT Score?

So you got your SAT or ACT scores back and they weren't what you were hoping for. It's not the end of the world! Here's how to get the high scores you want.

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How to Improve Your Admission Chances After a Low Test Score

What if you didn't receive the standardized test scores you wanted? Here's how to make the rest of your application shine and improve your chances of admission.

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Top 4 Myths About Money and the ACT That Parents Should Know

Worried about some things you've heard about the ACT and scholarships? Don't fret. Much of what you've heard is skewed. Let's debunk four money myths!

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How Are Standardized Tests Used in College Admission?

Test scores are part of how you are evaluated at many colleges. But how heavily do they weigh on your admission? One expert has some advice to share.


How to Set Good Expectations for Your SAT or ACT Scores

What really counts as a "low" SAT or ACT score? What's an "average" score? And, most importantly, what's a reasonable score for you?

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What Are Good SAT or ACT Scores for Getting Into College?

Students usually worry about their standardized test scores being good enough for admission to college. Here's some expert advice on what score to aim for.


How Do Colleges Accept Scores If I Retake the SAT?

Wondering if retaking the SAT will benefit you? The important question to ask is how and if colleges accept retake scores. Our experts have the answer.

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