Rhiannon Schade

Rhiannon Schade is the Director of College Counseling for Collegewise of Millburn.


How can I get involved in student-faculty research as an undergrad?

Admission officers may be able to tell you about research opportunities that are available on a campus you are considering. Also, your campus may have an office of undergraduate research. If so, that may be the best place to look once you have matriculated as a student. read more

Can I study science at a liberal arts college?

Yes, nearly every liberal arts college will offer some majors in science disciplines and many offer interdisciplinary programs like biochemistry, neuroscience and/or environmental studies. Along with the science, you get a well-rounded exposure to other disciplines.read more

How many schools should I apply to?

It's not the number of schools you apply to that is important. It's the thought and care put into each application.read more

What does it mean when colleges "recommend" studying a high school subject for a number of years?

First, a word to the wise: when a college says something is "recommended," you should read that as "required."read more

How are my extracurricular activities used in college admission?

College admission officers look closely at what you have done outside of the classroom. They are looking for evidence of commitment and your capacity to care deeply about what you choose to do with your time.read more

How are academics (grades/GPA/HS performance) used in college admission decisions?

The classes you take and the grades you earn are by far the most important factor upon which you are evaluated when you apply to college (with a couple of rare exceptions, all colleges require a high school transcript).read more

How should I talk to colleges as a high school student?

That's a great question. Striking the right tone in your communication with colleges is important.read more

When should I start my college search?

This will vary from student to student. Many high school students feel prepared to begin conducting at least some initial college research and campus visits either in the second semester of their sophomore year or the first half of their junior year. read more

How should college rankings affect my college decision?

In short, they probably shouldn't affect your college search all that much.read more

When should I start thinking about colleges?

How about right now? You don't have to make a choice, but begin thinking about things like what you want to study, where you would like to go, and what would be important about a college.read more