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Our Best Advice for the Transfer Admission Process

We've gathered our best advice for the entire transfer process, from making the initial decision to adapting to your new college and everything in between.


Great Colleges and Universities in the Northeast for Transfer Students

Find the right college to switch to by exploring these transfer-friendly schools in the Northeastern US. You can connect and receive more info in one click!


How You Can Save Money by Transferring Colleges

Starting at a more affordable college then transferring is a growing trend for students. See how this tactic could save you money on four years of college.

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4 Essential Tips to Make Your College Transfer Easier

Emily transferred colleges her junior year. Way too late to make a move, right? Wrong! Here are her tips for other transfer students who want to make a switch.

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How Can I Make My Transfer Admission Essay Stand Out?

A transfer essay gives insight into your academic journey, but how can you make that story stand out? Here's some expert advice on writing one that works.


Acclimating to Your New Campus

A major contributor to college success is identifying with the school and wanting to be there. If you're thinking about making a change, know that you're not the only one!


How Do I Decide Which College I Should Transfer To?

It's reasonable you may feel wary that you're not transferring to the right school. Here's some expert advice on finding a good fit college to transfer to.