14 Gifs That Will Resonate With College Students

Need a study break? Check out these #relatable gifs before you get back to work!

College: it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. And while everyone’s college experience is different, you’ll always find other students who deal with all-nighters, Netflix marathons, and finals stress just like you. Check out these totally relatable college experiences everyone is familiar with! (Gifs via giphy.com)

How you feel about your roommates during week one…


….versus week six


Being excited about the dining commons for approximately three seconds


I just want a home-cooked meal!

How you think you'll spend every weekend...


...versus what you actually end up doing


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What you look (and feel) like walking to class after an all-nighter


Finding the motivation to work out after spending hours on homework


Becoming extremely defensive when people ask what you want to do with your life 

don't ask me

Walking into the laundry room when you run out of socks


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Getting accustomed to eating Top Ramen every night for dinner


Feeling like such an adult after your first grocery shopping trip


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Accepting that you have a severe coffee addiction


Knowing that you’d ace The Art of Napping 100 (if you could take that class)


Remembering that the next four years are going to go by fast, so you better make them count!

the office 

Looking for ways to “make it count”? Check out our Student Life section!


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