Rhiannon Schade

Rhiannon Schade is the Director of College Counseling for Collegewise of Millburn.


Can I get financial aid or scholarships to help pay my pre-college program tuition?

Yes, there are a number of ways to get financial aid and/or scholarships to help cover the cost of attending a pre-college program.read more

What can parents do if they disagree with their child's college choice(s)?

Unless it is a financial consideration, the decision is the student's. It is the student who has to live at the college, not the parent.read more

What is the Common Data Set for colleges?

The Common Data Set is a document prepared by the office of institutional research at virtually all colleges and universities in the country.read more

How can parents cope with a child who doesn't want to go to college?

Tell the student that she can take one year to work at something productive and to begin to pay her own bills, including her rent to you, car insurance, dry cleaning, etc.read more

How Important Is GPA in the Admission Process?

Yes, it's true that grades are very important in the college admission process...but that doesn't mean you need a perfect GPA to get into college.read more