Hiram College

Hiram, OH

Hiram College

Hiram, OH

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Undergrad Science & Engineering

How do you define Hiram?

Hiram College is defined not by numbers or test scores but by head, heart, and hard work. For 168 years, students have come from near and far to create an eclectic learning community that is reality, not rhetoric. One that is diverse and authentic. Hiram prepares students to understand, shape, and innovate the worlds they inhabit today and those they will help lead tomorrow.

Three-year degrees
Hiram College offers more than 15 new three-year undergraduate degree programs that can save students approximately $25,000 in tuition costs. 

Hiram College is distinctive in its unique term structure, the Hiram Plan. Students complete 12 weeks of traditional coursework, take a weeklong break, and finish their academic semester with three weeks of intensive study in a single class, internship, or study away experience. 

Hiram’s Tech and Trek program puts an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and keyboard bundle in the hands of every full-time traditional student. This is all part of Hiram’s New Liberal Arts: integrated study, high-impact experiences, and mindful technology that make it truly transformational, enabling students to capture, connect, and reflect upon life-changing ideas, feelings, images, and questions.

The Hiram Connect initiative links coursework, internships, study away explorations, and hands-on learning opportunities. Students are led to reflect upon their academic experiences, helping them determine what they want to do professionally and who they want to be personally.

Hiram provides pathways to prestigious graduate programs in Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Our Hiram Health Initiative supports a campus culture of health and wellness and provides an environment that prepares health professionals to enter the workforce as compassionate caregivers.

At A Glance
• 29 majors
• 36 minors
• 15 three-year degree programs
• 7 pre-professional programs
• Student-faculty ratio: 12:1
• Full-time faculty with terminal degree: 95%
• Total enrollment: 1,255 students
• Female-to-male ratio: 52:48
• Average class size: 13 students
• Average incoming student high school GPA: 3.37
• Students who receive some sort of financial aid: Almost 100%
• Students from 25 states (including Washington, DC)
• Students from five foreign countries
• Division III sports: 15
• Student-athletes: 34%
• Clubs and organizations: 40+

Tuition Guarantee
Hiram’s tuition guarantee makes tuition affordable and predictable by locking in tuition rates for four years, so there are no unhappy surprises on your path to graduation.

Phi Beta Kappa
Hiram is one of only 10% of colleges and universities with a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society in the United States.

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