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SUNY Korea is located in INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA, surrounded by the Yellow Sea and the East Sea. It is a country of beautiful and varied geography. South Korea’s market economy ranks 11th in the world by GDP. The popularity of its culture, known as the Korean Wave (“hallyu”), has spread infectiously around the globe. South Korea is also the hub for global corporations such as Samsung and Hyundai, which are leaders within the IT and manufacturing fields.


Type of School: SUNY Korea is an international member of the State University of New York system, the largest and most comprehensive state university system in the United States.

Size of Campus: SUNY Korea is housed at Incheon Global Campus, a single multi-institutional campus that serves more than 10,000 students from around the world.

Number of Students: There are approximately 540 students enrolled at SUNY Korea, 11% of whom are studying in graduate programs.

Number of Faculty: Student-faculty ratio of 7:1

Colleges, Programs, and Degrees:
Undergraduate Programs
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
• BE in Mechanical Engineering
• BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
• BS in Computer Science
• BS in Technological Systems Management

College of Business
• BS in Business Management

Graduate Programs
• MS in Computer Science
• MS in Mechanical Engineering
• MS in Technological Systems Management
• PhD in Computer Science
• PhD in Mechanical Engineering
• PhD in Technology, Policy, and Innovation

Geographic Diversity: SUNY Korea’s student population is
16% international.

• Pre-arrival information package (including visa, health insurance, housing, life at SUNY Korea, and more to help students prepare for their arrival and living in Korea)
• Advising and counseling services to help students get adjusted to a different environment
• Career development services
• Student clubs and activities
• Financial support opportunities (work-study program), including scholarship opportunities (Shared Prosperity, Presidential, and Merit Scholarships—see additional information below)
• Korean culture understanding program (free Korean language courses and cultural activity programs such as excursions to historical sites and tourist attractions)

International Student Budget:
Program Fee$2,000
Does not include room and board expenses. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Students from abroad (excluding those who are Korean) are required to purchase an insurance policy.

Financial Aid:
• The Shared Prosperity Scholarship is available to international undergraduates from developing/underdeveloped countries (one to two beneficiaries from each country) based on proof of academic excellence and potential.
• The Presidential Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen in the top 3% of their admitted class who have a GPA in the top 5% of their high school and achieve high scores on the SAT.
• Assistantships and scholarships are available to PhD students participating in qualifying research.
• Need- and merit-based financial aid is also available.

Test Score Requirements: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, or IEC (undergraduate); TOEFL, IELTS, GRE (graduate)

Application Deadlines and Fees: Spring Regular Decision applications are due January 20. Fall Regular Decision applications are due June 12.

Why SUNY Korea?
• Prestigious American degree:A curriculum and degree identical to thoseoffered by Stony Brook University in the United States
• Global network:Linking to more than three million SUNY alumni and their industrial network
• Academic excellence: Holistic education through Residential College and Vision- Coaching Program
• Affordable education:Offering need- and merit-based scholarship opportunities
• International career prospects:New global education paradigm, with internship opportunities at global companies and organizations

The State University of New York’s endless commitment toglobal engagement has led tothe establishment of SUNY Korea, where students have the unique opportunity to earn a degree from StonyBrook University while studying at our new state-of-the-art campus just one hour west of Seoul.

SUNY Korea is located in theIncheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), where Korean and foreign global corporations and institutions such as Samsung, Posco, World Bank, and GCF are creating an enhanced synergy. IFEZ has caught the attention of world business leaders, since you canvisit 61 megacities in just three and a half hours’ flying time and do business with more than one-third of the world’s population. As a hub for Asia’s economy, Incheon is positioned to lead the world’s economy, and thus our students have unique opportunities for internships and real-world applications of the skills they acquire in the classroom.

At SUNY Korea, integrity is paramount—we advise students to uphold virtue and vision. We offer affordable tuition and on-campushousing, a wide variety of scholarships, opportunities to form a globalnetwork, and a well-balanced educational system—all the basic tools tohelp students develop into competent and responsible leaders.

Experience an American education in Korea
With Asia emerging as a leader inan ever-increasing global economy,SUNY Korea students who follow world trends and understand a varietyof cultures will be able to enhance their educational experiences. SUNY Korea provides students with the combination of the best of two worlds—an American education and an Asian culture.

SUNY Korea offers:
A high-quality, research-oriented curriculum in areas such as computer science, engineering, and technology operations, with degree programs comparable to those of prestigious US universities, all set against the backdrop of the dynamic Korean culture
Selected degree programs fromStony Brook University, one of the top-ranked universities in the United States, taught by the Stony Brook faculty; SUNY Koreastudents receive the same diplomaas Stony Brook students upon graduation.

As part of the undergraduate academ
ic program at SUNY Korea, students are required to visit and study for one year at Stony Brook University. Students are also encouraged to participate in internships with major Korean companies as a way to acquire experiences on the job as they learn,which is a critical component of a US-based education.

We seek students with exceptional talent, and our student body is a true reflection of the global community; around 16% of our scholars comefrom 28 different countries outside Korea—among them Ghana, China, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan. These globally diverse individuals are learning the Korean language and culture and witnessing the rapid economic growth of Korea, all while receiving an education on various global partnerships and leadership.

New paradigm of education
Students at SUNY Korea will experience the Residential College (RC) program, which offers the full dormitory experience, allowing students to improve both intellectually and personally and grow as globally talented individuals. The Incheon GlobalCampus received approximately $414 million in financial support from thegovernment.

SUNY Korea’s state-of-the-art campus is the perfect place to call home. It starts with the Academic Building, which includes laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, faculty offices, computer rooms, and so on. Facilities are outfitted with the latest technologies, and every classroom is equipped with projectors and other media tools.

Join our growing community
SUNY Korea aspires to be a hub for global education, research, and innovation. To accomplish this, we build partnerships with top institutions in both private and public sectors and do our best to build a global network with leaders and talents from across the globe. SUNY Korea looks forward to greeting talented individuals withbig aspirations and guiding them to become global leaders.