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University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

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Science & Engineering Profile

Become an engineer from day one.
Your academic journey begins as you work in teams to create innovative solutions to real-world problems in the First Year Engineering Projects course. Join workshops and courses in the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program and Idea Forge that promote teamwork alongside technical and problem-solving skills. Expand your engineering expertise through undergraduate research opportunities working with cube satellites, bio-inspired tech, or wearable devices. With so many hands-on experiences, you’ll be prepared to develop your senior capstone project and launch your engineering career.

Be Boulder
The act of reaching your full
est potential by surrounding yourself with a community that will support you, participating in experiences that will challenge you, and living in an environment that will inspire you.

Be innovative
Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Boulder is aleading force in research, technology, and entrepreneurship—a place where innovation happens. From our location in the heart of the city, CU Boulder produces some of the best and brightest in these industries and is a primary source of Colorado’s highly skilled workforce. Our talented faculty, students, and alumni are leading the way for the next generation by inspiring innovative, humanitarian, and social enterprises.
• #1 smartest city in America (Bloom
berg, 2017)
• Top 10 best places for tech oppor
tunities (NerdWallet, 2017)
• Top 10 public universities with the most start-up founders (TechCrunch, 2019)
• #1 happiest city in the United States (National Geographic, 2017)

Be engaged
At the cornerstone of your experience are our innovative academicprograms, fueled by experiential opportunities and active learning that will prepare you for a complex global society. Within our supportive learning community, you’ll interact with our faculty—including Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Genius Grant Fellows, US Professor of the Year awardees, and National Medal of Science winners—who will listen, question, and help you refine your ideas so you can develop a broad understanding of the world, strong leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to think critically.

Starting your first semester at
CU Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, undergraduate research and hands-on projects will prepare you for careers with top companies that regularly recruit on campus. Plus, you can tailor your degree through the E+ program and choose from 20 concentrations in business, entrepreneurship, teaching, global engineering, the intersection of art and technology, and more.

Be balanced
At CU Boulder, the hard work happening in our classrooms, labs, recital halls, and studios is complemented by the remarkable beauty that surrounds us. Appreciation for our iconic Rocky Mountain locale comes easily in Boulder, and as a result, we have one of the most active college campuses in the nation, where recreation, sports, and student groups play key roles in the unique CU Boulder experience. You’ll find many ways to get involved and make lifelong friends within our inclusive community. And you’ll have the opportunity to serve the greater good through volunteerism and civic engagement around the world or across the street.

Be prepared

CU Boulder graduates enter the workforce and begin grad school ready to excel. With their hands-on experience, world-class education, and the ability to think critically, globally, and creatively, graduates benefit from a strong salary potential, high employment rates, and the opportunity to find and excel in careers they’re passionate about.

Be here
Live in spectacular surroundings and learn in a campus environment full of extraordinary opportunities. Come to CU Boulder and discover who you can be.


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