Westmont College

Santa Barbara, CA

Westmont College

Santa Barbara, CA

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A premier Christian liberal arts college on a beautiful campus

Whether you’re coming from a two-year community college, a major research university, or another private college, Westmont College offers you a supportive environment where you can push your faith, expand your knowledge, challenge your beliefs, and develop your talents. You’ll find a close-knit community and a vibrant residential campus experience here—and you can enroll in either the fall or spring semester.

Discover a demanding yet personal academic experience
Westmont ranks among the top liberal arts colleges nationwide. Learn from full-time professors who care deeply about who you are and who you’ll become. Your professional, spiritual, and personal growth matter to us, and we consider student success a top priority. A robust foundation in the liberal arts teaches you critical thinking and effective communication, helping you connect your knowledge with your experiences. Internships, service, and cross-cultural opportunities help you learn outside the classroom, offer a real-life perspective, and prepare you for life beyond Westmont. 

Westmont is an honors college
Westmont provides all its students with an intellectually engaging, personal experience that many large colleges and universities reserve for only a small group of honors students. According to surveys and appraisals, our students read more and receive more personal attention than the average student at elite colleges. Our full-time professors—who’ve chosen to teach and mentor students—teach 85% of our courses. You’ll study with the best scholars whether you’re in your first year or your last. Professors may invite you to join them on research projects or encourage you to undertake your own, and you can earn publication credit before you graduate. You’ll be immersed in an active scholarly community that cultivates high engagement and hands-on learning.

Succeed in your career after college
About 97% of our students have a job or are in graduate school within six months of graduation. Westmont ranks in the top 9.1% of PayScale.com’s “Best Universities and Colleges by Salary Potential” with a median alumni salary of $108,300 just 10 years into their careers. 

Are you a best-fit Westmont student?
Westmont students are high performing but don’t chase perfection. They behave with integrity and an open mind. They enjoy the rewards that come from taking on challenges. They value unique perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and knowledge. They believe in a well-informed and well-tested Christian faith. They are unafraid to ask and answer difficult or uncomfortable questions. They seek vocation, significance, community, and justice. They strive to model a life of service, leadership, and impact. If this describes you, join us! 


Number 2

Ranked the #2 college in California for helping students afford tuition | LendEDU


$30 million awarded in grants and scholarships in 2018–2019, with 95% of first-year and transfer students receiving academic or talent-based scholarships and/or need-based grants


97% of students employed or pursuing graduate school within six months of graduation

Money symbol

Ranked in the top 9.1% of four-year bachelor’s degree–granting colleges for graduates earning a $108,300 median income 10+ years after entering school | PayScale College Salary Report


97% of tenured or tenured-track faculty holding doctorates (or equivalent degrees), with 88% of credit hours taught by full-time faculty

Transfer to Westmont

Students transfer to Westmont from many different places for many different reasons. Whether they've come from junior colleges or other 4-year schools, whether they've come for the first-class academic challenge or the strong faith commitment, they've all found the same thing—a close-knit Christian community that encourages them to make a positive difference in every sphere of society. Transfer students make up 20% of the incoming class each year, starting in either the spring or fall semester.

What are the  requirements to transfer to Westmont?
There are none! You can transfer with 6 units or 60, without any GE courses, and without an AA. You'll receive a personalized transfer evaluation to assess your progress toward a degree, so you can simply pick up where you left off at your previous college. Make the move when you’re ready.

In our mind, the best-fit Westmont student
• is high performing, but doesn't chase perfection;
• behaves with integrity and an open mind;
• enjoys the rewards that come from taking on challenges;
• values unique perspectives, backgrounds, talent, and knowledge;
• believes in a well-informed and well-tested Christian faith;
• feels unafraid to ask and answer questions that are difficult or uncomfortable;
• seeks vocation, significance, community, and justice;
• and strives to model a life of service, leadership, and impact.

How do I apply?
Applying to Westmont is easy! If you've already completed one year of college full time, just submit an application, your academic records, and one recommendation. Otherwise, include your high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores. Westmont accepts transfer students in both the fall and spring semester.

Applications for Spring Admission: November 1

Applications for Fall Admission: March 15

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