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University of Portland

Portland, OR

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A culture of kindness is more than opening the door for others.

It's opening your mind.

At University of Portland, we see our community as a place where diversity, equality, and inclusivity are paramount. That translates into continually striving to create an environment where everyone—in state, out of state, international, first generation, multicultural, LGBTQA+, and students of color—are all part of our fabric. You’ll be encouraged to have open and honest conversations. To talk through your differences and commonalities. To listen. To question. And to reflect on your own actions and story. 

Here, being welcomed goes far beyond the first day. UP Connections is a great place to start for students from a wide range of backgrounds. You’ll be partnered with a student mentor and have access to specific programming that begins the week before school starts and continues throughout the year. Make your voiceheard by becoming a student coordinator for Diversity Dialogues, which brings an array of speakers and events to campus that represent different points of view and cultures. Or connect with our first-generation peer mentors in the Shepard Academic Resource Center; they can provide resources and recommendations.
We believe inclusivity should be a way of life.



A sample of clubs and connections in our community:
• Black Student Union
• Filipino American Student Association
• Gender & Sexuality Partnership
• Hawaii Club
• International Club
• La Mesa Redonda
• Latinx Student Union
• Native American Alliance

Fast Facts
• Over 40% of UP undergraduates self-identifying as historically underrepresented students (based on race and ethnicity)
• 3,757 undergraduate population
• 12:1 student-faculty ratio
• 98% of full-time undergraduates receiving some type of aid

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