Westmont College

Santa Barbara, CA

Westmont College, founded in 1937, is a non-denominational Christian liberal arts college. Its 133-acre campus is located four miles from the center of Santa Barbara.

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Westmont College

Santa Barbara, CA

A premier Christian liberal arts college and one of the country’s most beautiful campuses


At A Glance

Westmont College consistently ranks among the nation’s best liberal arts colleges with one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Prepare for a life of leadership and service while discovering how faith leads to deeper understanding.

Size: Enrollment of 1,300; student-faculty ratio of 11:1

Location: Montecito, California, a Santa Barbara suburb 

Financial Aid: Westmont funded $30 million in grants and scholarships in the 2018–2019 academic year, and this amount grows each year, lowering costs for students. More than 95% of Westmont students receive financial aid. Academic merit scholarship amounts range from $15,000 to 85% of tuition.

Application Dates:
For first-year students—Early Action I: October 15, Early Action II: November 1, priority deadline: January 15 
For transfer students—March 1 for fall, November 1 for spring
Member of the Common Application 

2018 First-Year Class Profile:
• Average GPA: 3.84 (overall)
• Middle 50% SAT (EBRW) score: 1110–1350
• Middle 50% ACT composite score: 23–30

• Art BA
• Art History BA
• Biology BA, BS
- Cellular and Molecular Biology
- Ecology, Evolution, and Natural History
- General
• Chemistry BA, BS
- Biochemistry 
- Chemical Engineering 3-2 Program
- Chemical Physics
- General
- Professional
• Communication Studies BA
• Computer Science BA, BS
• Data Analytics BS
• Economics and Business BA
• Engineering BS
• Engineering Physics BA, BS
- 3-2 Program
- General
• English BA
• English Modern Language BA
• European Studies BA
• French BA
- French Studies
- Language and Literature
• History BA
- Graduate School
- International Studies
- Standard
• Interdisciplinary BA, BS
• Kinesiology BS
- Movement and Exercise Science
- Movement and Medical Science
• Liberal Studies BA
- Elementary Education
• Mathematics BA, BS
• Music BA
- Composition
- Liberal Arts
- Worship Leadership
• Music Education BME
• Philosophy BA
• Physics BA, BS
• Political Science BA
- International Affairs
- International Security and Development
- Pre-law
- Standard
• Psychology BA, BS
- Behavioral Neuroscience
- General
• Religious Studies BA
• Social Science BA
- Economics and Business
- History
- Political Science
- Sociology
• Sociology BA
- Cross-Cultural Studies
- General
- Human Services
• Spanish BA
- Hispanic Studies
- Language and Literature
• Theatre Arts BA

Additional Minors

Most majors, plus:
• Anthropology
• Biblical Languages
• Coaching
• Environmental Studies
• Ethnic Studies
• Film Studies
• Gender Studies
• Global Studies
• Writing

Pre-professional Programs
• Dentistry
• Law
• Medicine
• Nursing
• Optometry
• Osteopathy
• Pharmacy
• Physical Therapy
• Physician Assistant
• Teaching Credential
• Veterinary Medicine

Professional Programs

• Elementary Education (fast track or fifth year)

• Secondary Education (fifth year)
- Art
- Biology
- Chemistry
- English
- History
- Mathematics
- Music
- Physical Education
- Physics
- Social Science
- Spanish

Westmont is an honors college
Many large colleges and universities create the kind of intellectually engaging, personal experience for a small group of honors students that Westmont provides for all students. According to surveys and appraisals, our students read more and receive more personal attention than the average student at an elite college.

Our full-time professors—who’ve chosen to teach and mentor students—teach 85% of your courses. You’ll study with our best scholars whether you’re in your first year or a senior. Professors may invite you to join them on research projects or encourage you to undertake your own, and you can earn publication credit before you graduate. You’ll be immersed in an active scholarly community that cultivates high engagement and hands-on learning.

Are you a best-fit Westmont student? Does this describe you?
Westmont students are high performing but don’t chase perfection. Theybehave with integrity and open minds. They enjoy the rewards that come from taking on challenges. They value unique perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and knowledge. They believe in a well-informed and well-tested Christian faith. They are unafraid to ask and answer difficult or uncomfortable questions. They seek vocation, significance, community, and justice. They strive to model a life of service, leadership, and impact. If this describes you, join us!

Discover a demanding yet personal academic experience
Each year, Westmont ranks among the top liberal arts colleges nationwide. Learn from professors who care deeply about who you are and who you’ll become. Your professional, spiritual, and personal growth matter to us, and we consider student success a top priority. A robust foundation in the liberal arts teaches you critical thinking and effective communication and helps you connect your knowledge with your experience. Internships, service, and cross-cultural experiences help you learn outside the classroom, offer a real-life perspective, and prepare you for life beyond Westmont.

Succeed in a career after college
About 97% of our graduates find a job or pursue graduate school within six months of earning their college degree. Westmont is ranked #101 on PayScale’s “Best Universities and Colleges by Salary Potential” list with a median alumni salary of $111,500 with 10+ years of experience.

Integrate your Christian faith and learning
Find a safe place to examine and advance your faith and understand why you believe it. You’ll develop a mature self-identity rooted in a deep relationship with Christ. Professors integrate their faith in all disciplines, and scholarly religious studies courses take you deeper to support your Christian journey of faith.