Our Stories Here
Within every student story at St. Lawrence, there lies a unique winding road that both differentiates us and brings us together to create one binding story identifying us all as Laurentians. As a student body, we organize, collaborate, and travel in our own innovative ways: whether it be singing your way to hosting a TEDx event, storytelling your way into a research grant, or traveling the globe and collecting experiences to be shared upon return. Below you will find a collection of stories that only begin to express the essence of what it means to be a Laurentian.



April 3, 1856, as the oldest continuously coeducational institution of higher education in New York State

Canton, New York

2,377 undergraduates and 87 graduate students from 43 states and 51 countries

96.9% of undergraduates receive financial aid.

Liberal Arts Curriculum
69 majors and 40 minors; 36% of students double or combine majors; 50% of students graduate with at least one minor.

Individualized Attention
Average class size is 16 students; student-faculty ratio of 11:1

Placement rate for the Class of 2015 was 97%.

Residential Life
Guaranteed housing all four years, and 99% of students live on campus. Upperclass housing options include suites, theme houses, Greek houses, senior townhouses, and off-campus apartments.

34 varsity sports teams at the NCAA Division I, III, and non-divisional levels; 29% of students participate in intercollegiate athletics; 65% are members of club and intramural teams.

Global Campus
60% of students participate in an off-campus program for one semester or longer. Students can choose from 27 off-campus programs in 20 countries, including five domestic programs: Washington Center, NYC Semester, Fisk University, Adirondack, and Sustainability.

SLU Students
Inquisitive, encouraging, innovative, social scholars

How joining a club changed my life
Joining clubs and organizationsin college led me to travel all over the country and host the first TEDx at St. Lawrence. There are over 170 organizations and clubs on campus: clubs for music, hiking, sports andintramural teams, movie clubs, and even a Quidditch team! The opportunities are endless. 

For me, it started in high school, when I developed a love of music and singing, and I wanted to continue that in college. I joined the University Chorus my freshman year, where I met other students, faculty, and staff as well as singers from the local community. The following year, I joined the University’s select choir, the Laurentian Singers, and soon I was traveling around the country on tour. TEDx, an independent, locally organized event of live talks shared with the community, was being held at St. Lawrence my junior year. The student committee in charge of making it happen was familiar with my work. They approached me to be a host for the event, and I accepted. Now, a year later, I am part of the team for training the next TEDx host.
— Connor McSweeney ’18

Give yourself a voice through research
Students at St. Lawrence University have the opportunity to add to a discussion in their field with their own unique voice. Our Johnson Hall of Science affords all the tools and resources necessary for undergraduate students to organize and carry out a research project of their own, working one-on-one with a faculty advisor. Many students associate research opportunities with the field of science. However, for those of us who do not have a scientifically inclined brain, it is still possible to pursue a project you are passionate about in another discipline.

Being an English Writing major did not stop Jabari Bowen ’18 from conducting research. In the summer of 2016, he was awarded a stipend to live on campus and was able to work closely with his Creative Writing advisor, exploring and cultivating information about his passion for storytelling. Jabari was writing short stories using the point of view, attitudes, and tones produced by underrepresented voices of Asian, Latino, and African American communities. Jabari told me, “I wanted to talk about something authentic and contribute to a conversation that is often not heard.” His stories give underrepresented authors a platform of expression at St. Lawrence, and his research, along with other student projects of all disciplines, are mounted along the walls of the Johnson Hall of Science. As we pass by on our way to class, we admire the research outcomes and hard work of our peers.
— Chloe Warner ’18

How I learned to stop worrying and love the room draw
The best room I ever had at St. Lawrence started with the worst lottery number in the room draw. At St. Lawrence, we use a lottery system to determine the order in which students pick their rooms for the next year, and I was last. I was afraid. I was not concerned about my roommate situation—my first-year roommate and I were incredibly compatible. My real anxiety was location, but the Residence Life staff took the time to find out more about me and what I needed in a room assignment. When I was notified of my room assignment, I knew I had won the lottery: it was my #1 choice residence hall, centrally located, in between my two major department buildings, and home to three of my closest friends. I even got a single as an added bonus. In the end, the room I got was perfect for me. However, St. Lawrence has numerous housing options to fit everyone’s story, from the apartment-style living in our suites to the hotel-style living in Kirk Douglas Hall, or our phenomenal theme houses, which house groups of students around their interest in a specific theme such as outing trips or performing arts.
— Connor McSweeney ’18

Go somewhere you haven’t
Would it be crazy to study off campus before you’ve had a chance to study on campus? The London First-Year Programmers do not think so. I was one of those students. This First-Year Program allows students with a passion for travel and independence to challenge themselves and experience something incredible during their first semester at St. Lawrence. Expectations were clear: the St. Lawrence facultytrusted me to create an experiencefor myself that would expand my perspectives of how the world operates and how people of other cultures interact. Art and Architecture was by far my favorite course. We visited museums and were educated by the international art and artifacts that were directly in front of us.

Each year hundreds of St. Lawrence students make the decision to go to locations such as Kenya, Australia, even New York City. There are more than 28 study abroad and off-campus options available. Students have a chance to cultivate an understanding of a different society and integrate these perspectives back into their St. Lawrence experience upon return. In London, I learned to explore and learn independently through personal interaction and hands-on projects. I will never forget my first semester abroad; the experience has given me the independence needed to succeed in college and beyond.
— Chloe Warner ’18