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Undergrad Profile

We pride ourselves in experiences as well as education—our liberal arts mentality encourages reaching outside our comfort zone, creating well-rounded individuals capable of taking on the world. Here, five students share their stories.

by maeve Walsh ’17 and barrise griffin’18

Engagement opportunities

“Having the club and organization fair in the fall of my first year helped me get involved immediately, and, as an international student, I found I shared interests with my peers even if we didn’t have a shared culture.”

Nils Tangemann ’17 sees clubs as a great way to broaden his social experience on campus. 

He is a senator in the Student Government, an analyst for the Investment Club, an Admissions Ambassador, and on the International Affairs Committee.

“By making clubs accessible and approachable, St. Lawrence builds a campus community beyond the classroom.”

Getting involved is easy and can help broaden a student’s social experience. Our different clubs and organizations allow students to try new things and represent the diverse interests of the student body.

Research opportunities
Casimir Misiewicz ’17 is conducting summer research on campus through a fellowship awarded by the Chemistry Department. 

“I am researching non-linear, chaotic chemical systems. I am changing the variables within an equation in order to model more accurate and beneficial differential equations to the system itself. By theoretically modeling the reaction, I am learning how these reactions occur in the first place.”

Casimir describes his research experience at SLU as a hands-on learning opportunity. 

“It’s great. This fellowship allows me to propose my idea and begin working independently in a lab setting while still getting the guidance I need.”

The advising role that faculty play at St. Lawrence has had a huge impact on Casimir’s experience. 

“My advisor has been very integral in helping me do what I want to do and not just telling me what to do, and this helped me determine my area of interest within my broad academic field.”

Residential opportunities
Which would you prefer: Outing Club or International House? Or perhaps the Artists’ Guild is more your style. Our residence halls have personality, just like our students. Jacqui Ebeling ’17 has taken advantage of the wide array of living options. Our theme communities range from houses to themed floors, with five to 25 students living together around a shared interest. Jacqui lived in Kirk Douglas Residence Hall on a themed floor for students returning from study abroad.

“It was a great way to make the transition back to campus and share my experience with people who were in the same position as I was.”

Jacqui also shared some of her favorite aspects of living on a themed floor.

“One week was food themed, so we all made meals from our respective countries and had a giant potluck at my professor’s house. I got a ‘taste’ for all the different cultures we each had visited, which was a fantastic culmination to all we had learned.”

Off-campus opportunities
Dear London, 
Our time abroad was transformative and changed our perspective on England’s culture as well as our own. Thank you to our host families. Discussing British politics over fish and chips made us feel at home, even four thousand miles from St. Lawrence. We loved having museums as our classrooms and learning about famous works of art while standing in front of them. Sometimes we even miss the daily commute on the Tube to our internships, experiencing the 9-to-5 like a real Londoner. Most of all we miss you, London. This isn’t goodbye—it’s see you later. n

— By Maeve Walsh ’17 and
Barrise Griffin ’18

Barrise, from Nassau Bahamas, is a junior majoring in Multi-language and International Economics with a minor in Political Science. Maeve, from Wethersfield, Connecticut, is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Communications. 


Get to Know St. Lawrence Better 

Founded: April 3, 1856, as the first continuously coeducational institution of higher education in New York State

Location: Canton, New York

Enrollment: 2,404 undergraduates and 93 graduate students from 43 states and 51 countries

Liberal Arts Curriculum: 36 majors and 39 minors; 36% of students double or combine majors; 50% of students graduate with at least one minor. 

Individualized Attention: Average class size is 16 students; student-faculty ratio is 11:1.

Success: Placement rate for the Class of 2014 was 97%.

Residential Life: Guaranteed housing all four years, and 99% of students live on campus.  Upperclass housing options include suites, theme houses, Greek houses, senior town-houses, and off-campus apartments. 

Athletics: 32 varsity sports at the NCAA Division I, III, and non-divisional levels; 29% of students participate in intercollegiate athletics; 65% are members of club and intramural teams.  

Global Campus: 60% of students participate in an off-campus program for one semester or longer. Students can choose from 18 international programs and five domestic programs.

SLU Students: Inquisitive, encouraging, innovative, social scholars