My Story Here
“As a student at St. Lawrence University, I have the power to craft my own college story. My name is Sarah Campbell, Class of 2019. The unique opportunities at St. Lawrence have given me incredible experiences to fill my St. Lawrence chapter, whether it be exploring the Adirondack Mountains with fellow Laurentians, combining unexpected academic passions, or crossing the Atlantic to discover something new about myself. Below you will find a collection of stories that have shaped my college experience and my life.”


April 3, 1856; oldest continuously coeducational institution of higher education in New York State

Canton, New York

2,417 undergraduate and 79 graduate students from 43 states and 53 countries

99.2% of undergraduates receive merit scholarships or need-based financial aid.

Liberal Arts Curriculum
69 majors and 41 minors; 45% of students double or combine majors; 50% of students graduate with at least one minor.

Individualized Attention
Average class size of 16 students; student-faculty ratio of 11:1

97% of the Class of 2017 were employed or enrolled in graduate or professional schools; 88% took part in a research experience, and 72% participated in an internship.

Residential Life
Guaranteed housing all four years, with 98% of students living on campus; upper-class housing options include suites, theme houses, Greek houses, senior townhouses, and off-campus apartments.

34 varsity sports teams at the NCAA Division I, III, and non-divisional levels; 32% of students participate in intercollegiate athletics; 56% are members of club and intramural teams.

Global Campus
65% of students participate in an off-campus program for one semester or longer. Students can choose from 28 off-campus programs in 20 countries.

SLU Students
Inclusive, intellectual, curious, explorative, supportive

Why St. Lawrence?
Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, I am often asked, “Why did you choose St. Lawrence?” During my college search, I wanted to find a school with a welcoming campus environment and a variety of opportunities for its students to pursue all of their academic and social interests. When I first toured St. Lawrence’s campus, it was a cold and rainy April day. Despite the unpleasant weather while on tour, the students I passed were still active, wearing smiles on their faces as they walked to class, meeting in the Student Center, and eating lunch together in Dana Dining Hall. I found myself wanting to join in their fun and realized St. Lawrence was where I wanted to spend my next four years.

“But how do you survive the winters?” While the temperatures were intimidating at first, I have come to love winters here in the North Country. St. Lawrence’s snow-covered campus doesn’t force students into hibernation but ignites an abundance of activity. Whether it’s an excursion to Lake Placid for a day of skiing with friends, the Rail Jam on our campus Quad, snowshoeing on the golf course, or cheering for our hockey teams in Appleton Arena, I am never short of things to do in the winter months.

Exploring the world
During the fall semester of my junior year, I traveled to London, England, through one of St. Lawrence’s off-campus study programs. Throughout the semester, I took rigorous courses and interned at a major publishing house, all while living in the heart of a culturally rich and historic city. My study abroad experience forced me to analyze the way I engage with the people around me, especially with those who have a different background than my own. Realizing this helped me become more open-minded and excited to interact with new people, recognizing I had the opportunity to learn a great deal from them.

Upon returning to Canton, my time in London didn’t simply fade into a fond memory. I have been able to build on my semester abroad in my classes on campus by continuing to self-reflect on how I think as an individual and how I value new and alternative ideas shared by others. I am able to bring my international experiences to my class discussions and hear the stories of friends and classmates who participated in other off-campus programs in places such as Kenya, France, and Australia.

My love for the liberal arts
Before my first semester of college, I wanted to major in Government. While I enjoyed my first government class at St. Lawrence, I was surprised that I preferred attending my English seminar, “Growing Up Victorian,” and my Calculus II class. I originally registered for these courses to check off two of my Distribution Requirements, even though I had no previous interest in either English or math. I ended up developing great relationships with the professors who taught these courses, and they encouraged me to continue taking classes I found interesting and classes that would push me outside my comfort zone. I am now a double major in English and Mathematics, an academic path the liberal arts experience at St. Lawrence enables me to pursue. Additionally, I plan to conduct research focused on “data storytelling” for my Senior-Year Experience, the perfect capstone project to combine the knowledge and skills I have learned from both academic departments. The opportunities to discover your own unique academic path here at St. Lawrence are abundant. Your journey and your story may just surprise you.

An alumni network ready to help
St. Lawrence is ranked third in the nation for its alumni network, but what does this ranking really mean? During my sophomore year, I participated in
our LINC program—Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers. The program paired me with an alumnus whose career in the nonprofit sector matched my professional interests. Together, we developed my professional profile by creating my LinkedIn account and strengthening my résumé. During our discussions, he shared his post–St. Lawrence journey with me and how he became the CEO of a nonprofit in Western New York. Thanks to my mentor, I grew confident presenting myself professionally, especially at on-campus networking events hosted by Career Services, and I gained a better understanding of the career opportunities available to me once I graduate.

As the fourth member of my family to attend St. Lawrence, I knew firsthand how proud and grateful St. Lawrence alumni can be of their alma mater. However, it wasn’t until I became a Saint that I realized how extensive and active this network is. In my experience, St. Lawrence alumni are always willing to offer a helping hand, whether it be facilitating career connections or sharing their personal stories about their time at St. Lawrence with current students. I’ve found this to be true: St. Lawrence alumni are committed to each other and this place for life.

— Sarah Campbell ’19