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The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to College Applications

by Kelli Dolan

The college application process can be stressful. But with this step-by-step guide, you can get organized and apply to colleges with ease. Check it out! read more

What to Know About Hispanic-Serving Institutions

by Sara Karnish

Hispanic-Serving Institutions are dedicated to supporting and celebrating Hispanic students. Here's what you should know about these incredible schools. read more

Test-Optional College Admission and Socioeconomic Status

by Matt Larriva

Many students still feel pressure to submit test scores even if a college is test-optional. Here's how to decide what to do based on your socioeconomic status. read more

Financial Aid Terms You Need to Know

by CollegeXpress

When it comes to financial aid, it can feel like you're reading a whole other language. Use this helpful guide to learn all the key financial aid terms! read more

College Planning Calendar: October 2020

by CollegeXpress

Stay on top of the college planning process with our monthly College Planning Calendar for counselors, students, and parents. Happy October planning! read more

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