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Moving for College: Your Ultimate Weekly Timeline and Checklist

by Stephanie Rosenlund

College move-in day is equally exciting and stressful. Take away the stress and leave the exciting with this ultimate moving timeline and checklist. read more

The International Student's University Search: Looking Beyond Rankings and Name Brands

by Reon Sines-Sheaff

Your international university list may only consist of schools with big names that you're familiar with. Read on to find out why that could be a big mistake. read more

College Planning Calendar: January 2020

by CollegeXpress

Important dates and deadlines for counselors, consultants, and their students. read more

4.0 GPA: The Ultimate Guide

by GPA Calculator

A complete overview of what a 4.0 GPA means for college-bound high schoolers, university students, and job seekers read more

5 Questions to Help You Prepare for Your First Job Interview

by Amy Voss

You need more than the right clothes to ace your first job interview. You also need good answers. Here's how to answer the toughest interview questions. read more

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