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Colleges With Great Marching Bands

"What do you mean you're here for the game?! We all came to hear the marching band's rendition of Living Like a Refugee! Killer tuba solo." These bands...

Colleges With the Largest Number of Registered Student Organizations

At these colleges, you won't be just hanging out in your dorm playing solitaire. These are the colleges with the most school-recognized organizations, from...

Colleges with Great Television Stations

Ever dream of being the next Katie Couric? Or even better, the next Alex Trebek? (Jeopardy is truly the greatest show ever.) Check out these schools...

Colleges with Notable Radio Stations

You know you have a smooth voice meant to be on radio. Now all you have to do is find the station that will recognize your obvious talent. These stations...

Colleges with a Winning Tradition in Speech and Debate

Your family calls you argumentative, but you just debate to win. Here are the schools that will welcome your speech skills with open arms.

Glee Gets Real: Colleges With Show Choirs

Why sing in a traditional choir when you can belt out pop hits while rocking some expertly choreographed jazz squares in matching costumes? Thanks to the...

Schools Where Chess Is Popular

Checkmate. There's no beating these schools when chess is the game.

Schools With Active A Cappella Groups

Who needs a soundtrack when you can sing it yourself? These colleges' a cappella groups are as big as the voices that sing in them.

Schools with Active Ballroom Dancing Clubs

We've all watched Dancing with the Stars and thought, "Hey now, I can do that!" If you truly mean it, cut a rug at these schools.

Schools with West African Dance Troupes

With the recent release of the Onion's determination of the

Top 10 College Radio Stations

These schools literally rock. Their radio stations are the best in the nation.