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Baptist Colleges

These colleges are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Church.

Bible Colleges

These colleges, accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, "assist men and women in the development of a biblical worldview, with a...

Bible Colleges and Seminaries

These schools are members of the International Association of Bible Colleges Seminaries.

Catholic Colleges

Here are the Catholic-affiliated colleges and universities in the United States.

Catholic/Jesuit Colleges

The Jesuits, an order of Roman Catholic clergy, are known for their influence on and interest in education. These are the members of the Association of...

Choices for Jewish Students

Dr. Mark Fisher, an independent educational consultant in Atlanta and researcher of colleges appropriate for Jewish students, lists the following as his...

Christian Brothers Colleges

A Roman Catholic order, the Christian Brothers devote themselves exclusively to Christian education.

Christian College Consortium

The Christian College Consortium consists of colleges and universities united by a shared commitment to the liberal arts tradition and a common affirmation...

Colleges Where Chapel Attendance is Required

Sometimes, that daunting engineering exam or biology paper requires the help of some higher powers. You'll be going to chapel every week at one of these...

Colleges With Kosher Meals Available

No pork? No problem. These colleges have kosher kitchens or other ways to make food preparation appropriate for students with these dietary requirements....

Colleges and Universities Associated With the Presbyterian Church

If you're a student of the faith and you're looking for a school to live out your religious life while also gaining a great education, then these colleges...

Episcopal Colleges

These are the members of the Association of Episcopal Colleges.

Franciscan Colleges and Universities

These colleges are members of the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities.

Lutheran Colleges and Universities

These schools are a part of the Lutheran Educational Conference of America and focus on developing the whole self through active learning that engages the...

Members and Affiliates of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

These colleges are "intentionally Christ-centered" and qualified as members of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Methodist Colleges

These colleges are all affiliated with the Methodist Church.