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Even More Resources We Love!

We think we're pretty smart, but we still do plenty of research to stay on top of our game. These are some of our favorite websites and books. And we're always looking...

The Experts' Choice: Best College Planning Resources

Once you're finally able to pry yourself away from our site, check out these other college planning resources that make the admission process a little easier.

The Experts' Choice: Best College Planning Websites

We know this site is pretty great, but if you must go, go here! These sites are helpful in planning your next big step.

The Experts' Choice: The Best Financial Aid Resources

Need money for college? Well yeah, we all do at some point. Here are the best places to get it, according to those who know.

The Experts' Choice: Top 8 College Review Guidebooks

When counselors were asked which "subjective" guidebooks (guidebooks that have a three- to four-page description of colleges) were the best, these were the ones they chose....

Things You Can't Live in a Dorm Without

You know you have to pack clothes, toiletries, and the like. But did you remember to grab the little things like, you know, spoons? How about a laundry bag? We totally forgot...