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9 Things College-Bound Students Should Do This Thanksgiving


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The Ultimate Guide to the College Search: How to Find Your Perfect College Match


This guide has everything you need to find the right college(s) for you. Learn when to start your search, what to look for in your best-fit school, and more! read more

The Best (and Worst) Parts of the College Search Process

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Here are a few reasons why searching for the right college is the best and your should be enjoying yourself...plus a few reasons why it makes us all groan. read more

The College Search: An Open-Book Exam

Dean of Admissions, Bucknell University

The college search is like an open-book exam, and there are only five questions on it. Find out what they are now! read more

4 Important Factors for Helping Your Child Choose a College

Founder and Owner, Tier One Tutors

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College Visits Should Be Fun, Not Stressful

President, Collegewise

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Test-Optional Schools vs. the SAT and ACT


How to handle (or avoid) those standardized tests . . . read more

How has the recent economic climate affected the college admission process?

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We (counselors) have seen more concern and confusion. Parents are taking a greater role in the college admission process and they are more anxious about admittance and costs. read more