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What to Do While You're Waiting for Admission Decisions

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Impatiently waiting on admission decisions? Here's what to do to keep calm during this stressful time. read more

Top Questions to Ask College Admission Representatives

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You'll probably see all the same admissions representatives at all your regional events. Here are some questions to ask when you see them. read more

Can I study science at a liberal arts college?

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Yes, nearly every liberal arts college will offer some majors in science disciplines and many offer interdisciplinary programs like biochemistry, neuroscience and/or environmental studies. Along with the science, you get a well-rounded exposure to other disciplines. read more

Waitlisted, Denied, Accepted: Dealing With Grad School Admission Decisions

Author, Enrollment Expert

What should you do if your grad school application is waitlisted, denied, or accepted? Well, it varies. But following this expert advice is a great place to start... read more

How to Find the Right Graduate Program for You

Executive Director of Graduate and Continuing Education, State University of New York at Potsdam

In short, this article seeks to help you answer the question: "How do I find the right graduate program for me?" read more

What Are Test-Optional Colleges All About?

Freelance Writer

Test-optional schools (aka schools that don't require SAT or ACT scores) have been changing college admissions in a big way. Here's what "test-optional" is all about and what you need to know as you apply to colleges. read more

5 Legit Ways to Beef Up Your College Applications

Founder and President, CollegePrep360; Author

Here we discuss correcting course and adding something substantial to your application, if it's otherwise looking a little barren. read more

Just Keep Swimming: Chronic Illness in the College Search

Student, Fairhaven High School

A teen with chronic illness shares her experience in searching for colleges. read more

How Your Potential Major Can Influence Your College Search

Student, iSchool High

Many factors go into finding the right college, from academic rigor to scholarships offered to sports. But where does your college major fit in? read more

The Essential Campus Visit Question List


Ask the nitty gritty questions that will help you get a feel for the atmosphere, the students, and life on campus. read more