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Searching for Cars or Colleges: Look Under the Hood

Independent Educational Consultant and Founder, college.u

Buying a new car and the college search aren't that different. Does that surprise you? All you have to do is look under the hood of each to find what you need. read more

How Students Should Save and Spend Their Money

Founder and Managing Member, Ruffin Consulting Services

Students should learn smart money-saving and spending habits as early as possible. Start learning how to manage your finances right here! read more

Investing 101: Smart Stock Market Strategies for Students

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Anderson University

The stock market is moving into a more modernized place right now, but that means it's the perfect time for students to learn how to invest. Get started here! read more

Why High School Students Should Learn to Adult

CollegeXpress Student Writer

High school may prepare you for college, but not everyone is ready for life postgrad. Here's why it pays to prep for the real world sooner rather than later. read more

10 Ways to Prepare Now for a Great Life After College

Blogger and Academic Writer

There are many things you can do during college to build a great foundation for career success and life after graduation. Here are 10 steps to get started! read more

6 Ways for Students to Independently Pay for College

Content Marketer, ValuePenguin.com

Students don't have to rely on their parents to be able to pay for college. Here are six avenues to consider that can help you pay for your higher education. read more

Top 7 Aspects of Post-College Life Students Need to Know

Content Marketer, Venngage

The transition from college to "adult life" can be tricky because no one can tell you exactly how it's going to be. Here's some advice for a few aspects you can expect going into adulthood and the workforce! read more

Important Lessons You Learn in College to Take to the Real World

Freelance Writer

Transitioning from college to adult life can be difficult for most people. So know that you're not alone and take these lessons with you as a reminder that you can make life what you want it to be--because there's no one way to live your best life! read more

How College Students Can Save Money on Car Insurance

Founder, CreditWriter.com

Car insurance can be expensive, especially to a college student. Here are some ways to save money on your car insurance while you're in school. read more

Adulting 101: How to Understand Your Finances

Freelance Writer

"Adulting 101" is a six-week series to assist with your transition from college to the real world. This week's topic: personal finances. read more