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What is rolling admission?


Rolling admission gives you more options when it comes to applying to college. Schools with rolling admission evaluate applications until all of the available spots are filled for that year. read more

Applying to College Early: Early Action Deadlines, Early Decision Deadlines, and More


Those "early application" deadlines--Early Decision, Early Action, and their ilk--will be here before you know it. And you don't want to let them pass you by. read more

How many schools should I apply to?

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It's not the number of schools you apply to that is important. It's the thought and care put into each application. read more

5 Critical Reminders Before Sending in Your Graduate School Applications

Author, Enrollment Expert

With many of this year's grad school application deadlines right around the corner, it's time for some last-minute admission tips and reminders. read more

The Ultimate Guide to College Applications: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid, Endicott College

All that soul searching to find the perfect college has come down to this, your application. But what actually goes into that mythical document? read more

The 5 Types of College Application Deadlines


A basic breakdown of college application deadlines. 'nuff said. read more

Early Bird Gets the Worm? Early Decision vs. Early Action

Student, Urbana High School

Do you know the difference between Early Decision and Early Action? Hint: it's a big one! read more

Your College Search Timeline


A year seems like a long time, but as you go through the college application process, you may find the months fly by! Fortunately, with a little planning, you can tackle all of your school work, apply to schools, and even have some fun along the way. read more

Early Decision, Early Action, Single Choice Early Action: what's the right one for me?

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Be aware of Early Decision versus Early Action; each means something entirely different. read more