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3 Myths You Should Know About Creative Scholarships

Scholarship Strategist and Author

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What Can You Do With a Graphic Design Major?

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Scholarship Saturday: January 30, 2016


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Unique Careers for Visual Arts Students

Student, Woodgrove High School

Art inspires us and takes us to new places. It helps us see the beauty in the world and feeds the soul. It also happens to be a very hard field to get into...if you don't know where to look. read more

Making It as an Artist: Real-World Advice for College Students

Ceramic Artist, Teacher

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12 Types of People You'll Find on Campus: Disney Edition


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Should You Get an M.F.A.?

Writer, Senior Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Thinking about pursuing an M.F.A.? It can be a great way to help you hone your craft and network with highly talented and successful people in your field. But is it really right for you? read more

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Dorm Room Walls

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Communications

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Bizarre Sculpture Sparks Controversy at Wellesley

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

A strange new art exhibited at Wellesley College is turning heads. read more

College Search Tips for Students in the Arts

Director of Marketing and Communications, Columbus College of Art & Design

If you're a high school student considering a major the arts, here are a few things to consider before choosing a college. read more