Unique Careers for Visual Arts Students

Art inspires us and takes us to new places. It helps us see the beauty in the world and feeds the soul. It also happens to be a very hard field to get into...if you don't know where to look.

Art inspires us and takes us to new places. It helps us see the beauty in the world and feeds the soul. It also happens to be a very hard field to get into—if you don’t know where to look.

When people think of the visual arts, they often think of the most popular jobs the industry, like being a painter or designer. But what most don’t know is there are plenty of positions out there for visual artists that offer both security as well as the chance to do what they love. Here we will explore some of the many places that are major employers of visual arts majors, plus a look at some of the specific jobs in these fields.

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Public and private schools

Without teachers where would we be? They help us discover the things we love and push us toward our futures. That’s what many visual artists do when they use their talents in the field of education. Public and private schools around the country look for visual arts majors to do many jobs. Not only do the artists get to passionately talk about the art medium they love, but they also help their students, young or old, explore their imaginations and see the world in new and bright ways. There is nothing better than the feeling a teacher gets when they know they have positively influenced a student. In addition to helping students grow, education comes with the benefit of a stable lifestyle doing what you love. Some jobs in a public or private education sector may include:

  • Art teacher
  • Teacher aide
  • Curriculum writer
  • College professor

Museums and art galleries

Some of the most priceless pieces in the history of art are on display through countless museums and art galleries around the world. But it takes more than just an artist to help keep a museum or art gallery up and running. Obviously, you need artists to create the beautiful work that ends up in them, but there are thousands of people who make collecting and sharing that art possible.

Visual arts majors work in many different jobs in museums and galleries, where they get to surround themselves with incredible art (and other people who care about incredible art) while going behind the scenes of the art world and making sure those pieces stay safe for future generations to see. Jobs for employees of museums and art galleries may include:

  • Art consultant
  • Art coordinator
  • Art dealer
  • Art director
  • Art researcher
  • Gallery assistant
  • Gallery owner
  • Gallery director
  • Museum director
  • Museum curator
  • Photo researcher
  • Antique specialist

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Fashion companies

Not so surprisingly fashion companies are major employers of students with visual arts degrees. And they don’t just need designers; they also need creative, artistic people to help them buy and sell products. Jobs in the fashion industry will help you explore other interesting areas of the business while also being around the fashion you love. From working as a clothes buyer for a fashion magazine to researching what fashions are currently popular around the world, job possibilities are endless in the world of fashion. Job opportunities at fashion companies may include:

  • Buyer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Market researcher
  • Merchandise manager
  • Product demonstrator
  • Purchasing agent
  • Sales representative
  • Technical writer

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Insurance and law offices

There aren’t many jobs at insurance companies and law offices for visual artists, but they do exist for anyone who knows and respects art—as well as laws, rules, and regulations. From insuring priceless pieces of art for collectors to being a lawyer specializing in legal disputes over art, there are a few unique jobs in this area. They include:

  • Art insurance agent
  • Lawyer specializing in civil disputes

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