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Getting Paid to Play Sports in College: The NCAA Has Big News

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Big changes are happening for college athletes: the NCAA just announced that students can be paid in all divisions starting in 2021. What does this mean for student-athletes? read more

Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid?

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The debate rages on: should college athletes be paid? Read our take on BOTH sides here. read more

Alma Maters of 2014 Superbowl Champs: Seattle Seahawks

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Check out where this year's champs, the Seattle Seahawks, got started on the road to Super Bowl glory. read more

What Student-Athletes Should Know Before Going on an Official College Visit

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If you end up being one of the chosen athletes to be whisked away on an official visit, make sure you are prepared so you and the coach both get as much out of it as possible. read more