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Should You Hire a College Consultant for Your Student?

Cofounder, Director of College Admissions Counseling, One-Stop College Counseling

If the recent admission scandal has you questioning college counselors, you're not alone. Read on for the facts about real college counselors and what to look out for. read more

When to Ask Your School Counselor These Questions

Freelance Writer

Need answers about the college search and application process? Don't be afraid to ask your counselor! Here are some important questions you should ask...and when. read more

Unicorns and Garbage Cans: The Impact of Tech on Access to Higher Education

Author, College Admissions Expert, GATECollegeSystem.com

Mobile tech aimed at would-be college students is on the rise. But who really benefits from it? read more

Squeak! How to Maximize Your Time With Your Guidance Counselor

Author, College Admission Expert, Valley Prep Tutoring Services

High school guidance counselors are there to help you through the college admission process, but they have a lot on their plates. Read on for some tips to get the attention you need. read more

David Twersky, Founder and Consultant at College Link Consulting


David Twersky is a college consultant and the founder of College Link Consulting. He recently left corporate life to launch a career as an independent consultant. read more

Counselor Q&A: Writing an Effective Letter of Recommendation

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Marna Atkin of Atkin College Counseling answers questions about crafting persuasive letters of recommendation for your students. read more

10 Ways Counselors Can Foster a College-Bound Mindset


College counselors are in an ideal position to help cultivate an environment in which college is not merely an option, but the option. read more

What is your approach for helping students who don't have the qualifications for their top-choice schools?

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We never treat students like they are fixed points in time and space--we help them think of ideas that take their ideas to the next level so that they can maximize their options for college. read more

20 Twitter Accounts Every College Counselor Should Follow

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

When it comes to the worlds of secondary and higher education, Twitter is a particularly effective social media platform. Here's a list of 20 accounts that every counselor should consider following. read more

K. Patricia Aviezer, President of Inside Track to College


K. Patricia Aviezer is President of Inside Track to College. She has 27 years of experience as a college counselor. read more