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How You Can Earn an Associate Degree in High School

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Florida Polytechnic Institute

Wish you could experience college life in high school? You could take college classes and earn enough credit for an associate degree through dual enrollment! read more

How to Handle AP Exam Stress

CollegeXpress Student Writer

AP exams are just around the corner. You know what that means: stress! Here are some ways to maintain your sanity while preparing for and taking your AP exams. read more

Why You Should Take IB Classes in High School Instead of AP

CollegeXpress Student Writer; Graduate, University of Colorado, Boulder

Are you considering IB classes in high school? Here are some of the benefits and challenges of this advanced curriculum. read more

5 Things to Know About Early College Programs

CollegeXpress Student Writer

A high school junior enrolled in her school's early college program shares everything she's learned about the process of applying to a four-year college. read more

Dual Enrollment: Online vs. On-Campus Classes

High School Student

Students interested in dual enrollment might be wondering whether to take a class on campus or online. Time to compare and contrast! read more

AP vs. Dual Enrollment Classes: What's the Difference?

Student, Woodgrove High School

Dual enrollment classes and AP classes are similar--but they're not the same. Here are some of the major differences. read more

The Beginning of the End of AP Credit?

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Dartmouth College recently announced that they will no longer grant credit for AP exams. Could this mark the beginning of the end of the program? read more

Will Dual Enrollment Increase My Chances?


Dual enrollment: don't do it to "look good to colleges." Do it because it's the right path for you to take. Learn more on CollegeXpress. read more

CLEP Exams Equal College Credit

Director of Business Development, Triumph College Admissions (TCA)

The College Board promotes this test with the statement, "The knowledge you've gained from your education or professional experiences can take you further than you think." This is true. CLEP can turn your current knowledge and experience into college credit(s). read more

Should I Take College Courses in High School?

Educational Consultant, Research Psychologist, and Writer

Taking college-level courses in high school isn't for everybody. Here's some advice from an expert to help you decide if college courses are right for you. read more